Did You Notice?

… how often Linux Mint is in the center of attention at teklek411 YouTube channel? Look:

teklek Four videos in little over a week! Cool eh? I mean ok, Mint 19.1 has just been released and Mint is the OS of the people anyway. But nevertheless, getting little easy-to-digest info tidbits (teklek’s vids are pretty brief and to the point) gives us the good feeling of being well taken care of, isn’t it? And it’s usually never for help in emergency situations – since you’re on Mint which means no emergency situation shall occur anyway – but these are mostly just short tips and tricks to make your system even easier and/or fancier.

Aaaaw, life’s so easy and fluffy and all sorts of great once you’re rid of Microsoft. 🙂

So after shouting into empty rooms about German Orcablog readers, this was a post for 99.9% of my readers, right. Or, hmm, let’s not exxagerate and say 90% since 10% of y’all are even more cleverer and compute on some or the other sort of ArchLinux. Right? RIGHT???


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