Blackout! :(

Oh fuuuuuck! 😮

We knew it would happen. Sooner or later. Just not so soon. Just not now.

But it did. Again. Like almost every year since the invention of time. Eskom, the public energy supplier does loadsheddding and switches off electricity in a chessboard manner throughout the whole country. It hits villages, and big cities, rural communities, informal settlements, farms, hotels, restaurants, airports, office towers, hospitals (what, you were in the middle of a heart OP? Sorry, too bad), police stations, shopping malls and suburbs, posh and poor. In Eskom’s eyes all people are the same. That’s very cool, I hope. Although I have my doubt that the lights ever go out in the president’s or Eskom manager’s homes. Apart from that we’re all being targeted and hit in the same way.

They claim some technical stuff and lack of funds for the electricity shortages, which is bullshit. They’ve received fantastillions of woolongs already shortly after the apartheid ended and a growing economy and more need for power was forecast. But as usual  all the monies flowed into the wallets of higher up management instead of into new power plants. And nowadays Eskom uses the blackouts to blackmail the ppl and gov’mt. 😦

Anyway, the reality looks like so: Yesterday our suburb was hit twice! 😮 Two times a day electricity went out for 2.5 hours. 5 hours without anything worthwile to do, since we were badly prepared. Today it was again dark from 6 pm up to 8:30pm. Yes, family, TV-watching, dinner cooking time. :/ Those heartless feckers. But hubby and me have a solution now, we found a way to deal with the situation. Looks like so:


In times of plenty power we push some movies and series onto our craptops and use a USB powered set of speakers so we can spend the powerless time and still be splendidly entertained. Of course is watching a movie on a 11.6″ screen not the absolute fulfilling multimedial event but better than nothing, right?

And it beats our helpless attempts of buying overprized battery-powered lamps, like we did during that last loadshedding epidemies of 2014 and 2015.


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