Inara and Strawberry

… which have their noses much deeper in Linden affairs than little stupid Orca, both announced a temporary end to the famous LEA stuff. Look:

I dunno exactly what’s going on in the art-world, neither am I very interested. Lindens closing sims for any sort of reasons all the time, just not as much talked about and famous sims as the LEA cluster. All we gather from the writeups is there must have something happened. Or another. But look at the way these news are presented to us, which is far more interesting than the LEA story in and on itself:

While Inara writes a matter-of-factly information piece, illustrated by an art piece, all very sober-like, the good Strawbs gives us a short overview, in order to mostly feature a giant portrait of herself and her pretty noggin. I’m not saying anything about the quality of each blog, just showing the various attempts of covering the news. You decide. Or not. Meh. Just do like me and consume both blogs. πŸ˜‰



    • Thank you kindly. πŸ˜‰ And I really meant it when I stated that I’m not gonna judge quality. Both girls are presenting the top of SL blogging, just in different genres. Berry’s speciality are skins, fashion and mesh heads while Inara is more about the geeky techy code side of things.


  1. Not a temporary end to all “LEA Stuff”, just the 6-month AIR regions, which account for 2/3rds of the available regions. The core regions (LEA1 through 9) will continue to be available to artists throughout early 2019.

    I also hope I’m known for more than “geeky techy code” (as all I actually know is a cased of trying to learn, rather than been particularly techie myself πŸ™‚ ), given I try to cover general news for SL, Sansar, LL, and – when I can get there – places like HiFi; + art & SL explorations (and occasionally Sansar experiences – although good quality, intentionally public experiences are getting harder to find given the volume of personal spaces there now).

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    • Oh yes, I forgot what I love most about your blog is when you’re checking out nice sims. They often inspire me to go there myself and sometimes I even blog about them or use them as photo backgrounds. All your Sansar, HiFi and SLUG Updates are what I put together under general “geeky techy code”, due to lacking a better term in this language. Oh err, I wouldn’t even how to call stuff like that in German, so … :/


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