Another Chance for Hollywood …

… to ruin and fubar beloved source material completely and totally. :/

Cowboy Bebop, considered one of the best anime series of all time, produced 26 episodes, which aired in Japan from 1998-1999. It has done well internationally, garnering several anime and science fiction awards, and is credited with helping to introduce anime to a new wave of Western viewers. In the U.S., it aired on Adult Swim.

Japan did some pretty good Kenshin movie, fucked up Attack on Titan, and then Hollywood totally misunderstood the holy grail of anime franchises, Ghost in the Shell and produced a plonker that raked in a huge loss at the box office. So my personal expectations for one of my alltime favourite anime series are pretty low.

The 1998 Japanese anime TV series was previously being adapted as a feature film with Keanu Reeves set to star.

I’ve never watched Deathnote but I hear it was only a mediocre anime, that Netflix fubared completely. Well, kudos for their resilience, but I hope they know what kinda jewel they hold in their hands with カウボーイビバップ Kaubōi Bibappu. It would really be an unforgiveable faux pas if they give it the usual don’t care, don’t wanna know treatment.

Cowboy Bebop does not look like it is going to happen with me in it.” Reeves wrote in a 2013 Reddit Q&A, adding that the script was “great and amazing,” but would “cost like a half a billion dollars to make.”

Let’s ask Ein if he thinks Cowboy Bebop should get a live action remake:

Yeah, and who or what would star as Ein, Radical Edward’s genius dog?

Hey, the whole concept, the rag tag crew, the characters, the struggle, the antagonists, the atmosphere, the space ships and planets, it’s all so detailed, so rich and lovely. And melancholic for a good portion. Also the anime knows when to take the foot off the pedal and slow down the manic pace. It was done so very well in the anime, everybody agrees that it can’t be recreated in a real life film studio. So why do those greedy half-wit H-wood comedians try it and fail again and again?

I have a bad feeling about this. :/

Black Lagoon' Is a Wonderland of Pirates and Crime

Know what would be much better, and – for various reasons – could actually work: Black Lagoon! Legendary oldstyle anime, loved by everybody, playing out in imaginative south-east Asian island town of Roanapur, on planet earth of today … Hawaii could be a practical cost-saving stand-in, a not too huge cast, shady, atmospheric, brutal, criminal … imagine a Magnum PI for adults, just as cheesy, stereotype, non-PC, with a more sexy, multiracial cast and lots of fun. Hey, if you’re a movie producer just contact me, I could deliver a first treatment in, say, 10 workdays. Call me any time, day and night. Or, no, I’m not stupid and hand out my telephone number on the internet. But you know how to find my email.

Anyhoo, this is very realistic to produce with only a modicum of production budget and some cheap new sexy faces of Whitey, Sino-American and Japanese actors. Gimme an old PT boat, a run-down dock, some shady watering holes and we get the show rolling.


Black Lagoon - Blerds Online



    • Ya well, I’m not known to be a very smartypants girl and should be pretty excited … Cowboy Bebop is one of my superduper favourite animes ever! So I expect greatness as one should, right? Unfortunately the people who make the live action movies aren’t anime-lovin’ weeabos but hardened cynical Hollywood types who couldn’t give less fux about the original premise if they tried. Not that the Japanese are necessarily doing better (AoT was crappola) but they aren’t doing it so blasé as H-wood does it.


  1. Remember what George Burns (famous old-time comedian) called Hollywood: “Hollywood is a hideous bitch goddess.”
    It’s lack of creativity/monster nepotistic *fuck you* capitalism at its worst and it WILL fuck up Cowboy Bebop.

    This is one of our all-time favorites too. The whole series is sitting on our shelf in Colossus (what we call our giant Ikea cabinet) with other collections: Evangelion, Blue Submarine No. 6, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo.

    I thought the Ghost in the Shell offering LOOKED great. But everyone balked at what’s-her-name starring, which was absurd, because the animae Major is Japanese, of course. It’s not 1950 anymore, folks! You can’t put Charleton Heston in Egypt in The Ten Commandments and pretend that’s okay anymore ! ! !

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    • Dunno if you’ve read my various ranty rambly posts about GitS, Stacey, but I found pretty much everything in the live action movie wrong. So much so that I was pretty surprised about how much I liked the 2017 version after repeated viewing. I like what’s-her-name as an actress and she was afterall the best thing about Hollywod GitS. And that after all the wibbly wobbly about the major’s real name and nationality in the end they revealed her real name – Kusanagi Motoko – kinda saved it for me. It was probably added in some late late reshooting but still it was there in the final release. When I saw GitS in the movie theatre I obviously woke up just in that moment and was like “Aaaaaw ;)” and my world was complete again.

      Well, Eva was already kinda done in Pacific Rim, right? The personal depression of the show’s creator and the not thoroughly thought through philosophies didn’t do the anime any good, so Pacific Rim was a good vessel to handle all the Japanese gundam series and movies. It even had a real Japanese movie star in it! Samurai Champloo would need to be made in meiji aera Japanese small towns and live from the chemistry between the 3 main protas. Apart from that I don’t see too much appeal in it. I mean we already got two pretty nice Kenjin live action movies, so the samurai topic is pretty much covered as well. Don’t know Blue Submarine, so hubby downloaded it tonight and we will start watching it soon-ish. Thx for the hint btw.

      Cowboy Bebop can’t be a cheap soapie, it plays on a big scale and on various stages: Space, various cities and towns and all a bit scifi and … oh hey, it’s easily faked. Something like Firefly/Serenity would be good. And that couldn’t have been too expensive neither. But it had with Joss Whedon someone with a vision at the helm. Everything is possible then.

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  2. Aaaaaahhhhhh! It’s hilarious and fascinating how different we all are. Firefly/Serenity didn’t bother me too much and I enjoyed most of it. Hubby, on the other hand, HATED it and he LOATHES Joss Whedon with every fiber of his being and thinks he’s a no-talent hack ! ! ! !

    Good that GITS reeled you in at the last-minute with some revelations. Ordinarily I don’t mind that actress–she’s pretty good. But, seriously, you can’t have a white person in that role. It’s just insulting to the original material. When M. Knight changed the race of the kids in the beloved Last Air Bender, people revolted, and that movie bombed. GITS bombed, also, because of the casting of what’s-her-name (even though I like her, I have a block on her name!).

    As for Bebop–yeah, I agree. Can’t be cheap. It’s big scale and has lots of locals. Come on, folks! Don’t eff this up!!!! Probably will….but maybe a small chance it’ll come out good.

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    • You know what H-wood’s problem is?
      Getting source material wrong (because nobody was reading/watching it), thinking the mention of a beloved franchise would be enough to get people into the cinema, then start filming, getting the word out, then wonder about the backlash by the fan base, then trying to fix it by throwing more money at the movie (Look at all the shiny! Look!) instead of staying true to the source.
      Recipe for failure!

      Whedon, yeah, I hated his Buffy and Angel series, probably because teenage soapies aren’t my favourite TV genre. Old and busted. But Firefly was fresh and new, had a lovely cast playing very nicely on and off each other and some very nifty screeenplays. And he showed his talent of world-building without busting the budget.

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  3. Yes! Getting source material wrong, wrong, wrong! And they never learn! Or usually not.

    I love talking about movies. If I’d put as much effort into my actual life as I do talking about movies, I’m sure I would have been a major success (in some way). I just love stories in general. I love story-telling of any kind.

    I also get very passionate about certain topics like race relations, inequality, and elitism (as you have discovered). ALMOST as passionate as you are about Linux. 🙂

    But I have to rein it in sometimes. I think I alienated everybody in one of Jay’s posts about rich kids who were stealing shit from other rich people. She asked, “Who are these kids, and where’s the entitlement coming from?” or something, and I went off about knowing exactly who these kinds of people were, and even though my brother went to school with kids like these, he isn’t around anymore (he killed himself 8 years ago) because he was black and the world doesn’t reflect back positively on him the same way it does these other people.

    It’s so weird! Blogging turns into a kind of EST session, doesn’t it? I mean it’s a movie forum talking about movies (Jay’s site) and yeah, the topics the movies are based on are worth discussion in “real life”, etc, how they affect us. But you guys are all COMPLETE STRANGERS, and I just poured my heart out about my brother’s suicide.

    So…gotta take a little control back here.
    It’s so easy, when you’re anonymous, to let the words flow.

    Like you were just innocently posting about your car being in the background of that movie, and then I detoured the entire discussion into a seminar on S. Africa’s race relations vs. the U.S.
    So…that being said, I do appreciate your engaging, and maybe even your patience.

    I guess ideas do get exchanged, and as long as folks remain civil and can engage reasonbly, we can all come to an understanding, become a little more enlightened, and even maybe change our point of view.

    Guess I’m just trying to convince myself that all my blabbing in blogs isn’t just WASTED TIME PANDERING TO MY EGO. Know what I mean?

    So glad it’s Friday (at least here, in the U.S.)

    Anyhoo–on to the next topic ! ! ! :O (that’s a face of someone yelling wordlessly into the void)

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    • Butbutbut … blogging is, by definition, a very lonesome, very egoistical, very selfish way to waste our time, no? We’re kjnda big deals in our blogs and we let everybody feel it by making our blogs as personal, sanctimonious, belittling, unfriendly, radical, sweet, cuddly, techy, feelytouchy as we please. I could kick everything Linux-y out at any time, since the system is grown up enough to stand on its own footsies by now and everyone who wants it has it already and the rest can’t be helped anyway. I could totally go back to pure SL and sailing in SL reporting, or I could like make a movie review bloggo or a serious history blog.

      And in that blog I’d always be righteous and correct about anything and delete all opposing comments and mark them as Trolls or Spam. I’ve decided against that controlling, selfserving attitude.

      I guess Jay’s AWM blog is just the right place to talk about race issues when the starting point was a movie about the same topic. It’s just a fukn blog, not a handbook by the filmmakers institute or sumfink. What better place to express opinions and personal anecdotes? We all have seen Jay going off the rails in her reviews, and the actual movies had to take a backseat while she’s was talking about the topics.

      And if she can do it, we, the readers, can do it too. I guess that’s, in the end, exactly what decently decent movies are made for, people discussing the topics on hand in a way a bit more in depth than just: “How was it?” “Good.”

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  4. Off the rails, huh? I haven’t seen that yet. Look forward to it.

    Yeah, going more into depth besides, “It was good,” is more satisfying. And deleting opposing comments would defeat the purpose, no?! Good on you!

    Yeah, blogging, blogging, blogging….

    My comment seemed to have the effect the equivalent of eye contact immediately stopping, feet shuffling, and a long, awkward silence.

    Just never invite me to a party where I’ll make that reaction actually happen in real time!

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    • “Off the rails, huh?”
      Ya, well, no. Please blame my very small, oftenn misunderstood, vocabulary for this. Found out going off the rails has a different meaning in actual English than I first thought. It means someone’s going bananas berserk crazy, right? When all I meant to say was that Jay sometimes goes on an excursion instead of just reviewing the flick on hand.

      Deleting comments would maybe not defeat anyone’s purpose, that’s why many bloggers do actually delete opposing “trolling” comments. It’s just stupid outsider me not doing so and trying to engage with every commentator.

      Two more (stupid) questions if I may: How come you have/had a black brother? You look rather pale to me. And wtf is an EST session?

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  5. Not stupid at all. EST stands for Erhard Seminars Training. A guy in the ’70s started a kind of cult and: “EST was not officially a religion but a training program meant “to transform your ability to experience living so that the situations you have been trying to change or have been putting up with clear up just in the process of life itself,” as Erhard put it.

    I heard that people were allowed to scream and yell and pound things, you know, to “let it all out” and release pent-up stress.

    As for me, long story short: I’m the product of a mixed couple, a black man and a white woman. She was young, so she gave me up for adoption and told the people there that I was white. When I started turning darker as time went on, they called her back in and she admitted to lying. Because of that, I was just sitting around not getting adopted for a year. Once they stamped me as black (it was 1962), a black family adopted me. It actually says “Negro” on my birth certificate!

    My identity has shifted from “black” to “half black” to “mixed race.” I write about it in my book, but in a comedic way. No, I’m not as dark as my family, or my brother for that matter (or my husband, who’s Dominican), but people have always been “confused” by my appearance, asked where I’m from, etc. One guy who I went out with once, his mother found out I was “black” and said to him, “Why are you going out with her? You aren’t going to marry someone like that,” or some such thing.

    Thanks for asking !

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