Flamingos in Siberia???

Jeezuz, wotz next, hoomans on the fukn møøn? But don’t believe me, read yourself:

Lost his buddies during the flight and went on alone, flying in wrong direction. He stoopid?

And there was Orca, always believing that humans were kinda the stupidest species on the planet. Boy was she wrong. Crash landing in Siberia, after the Air France flight, this fokn bird must be really the stupidest thing around. Next he’ll prolly invent some weapon powerful enuff to bomb the whole flamingo population into extinction. :/

Here, he was inspired by this stööpid incident:

As if being snowed in in the Russian province wasn’t bad enuff, sending Frenchies to a British pub … can’t be any worse than that. Warm beer? Yikes. 😮



    • Particularly now, at this frosty time of the year, Siberia seems to become the uber hip dream destination for overworked and overcivilized westeners who wanna let their souls hang loose for a night or two.

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