Stranded :/

Gud moaning Boyz n Gurlz,

your editrix is still overnighting at Aethelwine’s LCC Outpost and doesn’t dare continuing her singlehanded cruise. For reasons, cuz I’m thinking one broken PC is bad enough so I don’t wanna cook Gaga into oblivion too. For now all I can do with a clear conscience would be just sitting around and looking cute and raising my milk shake bill (I don’t drink coffee, ever) … and answering some IMs as short as possible without sounding too harsh. And then quickly logging off again!


Oh, and what I can do in order to pass the time is putting on all my oldschool Shark ‘kinis, my girl Ophelia made, when she was still in SL. And you see right, this one features Pink Polka Dots! 😮 That’s soooo not Orca. But while I’m grounded here, why not showing my gurly side, right? Will slip into something more seriously sailorish before casting off again. For now I could have been stranded at a worse place, far worse. In fact is Aethel’s Outpost simple but quite welcoming without wasting many prims and a nice place to hang out for a while.




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