Getting Homely on Gaga

It’s still a whole day until Monday, at least a full day, probably weeks, until I’ll see my good rig and my external hard drives in action again. So we’re preparing little Gaga for service as daily rider. Meaning putting in both our email accounts trying to recreate the list of bookmarks for internetting and all that fun stuff. :/


This is also a gud opportunity to really test out LMDE3, which is supposedly the bestest Mint flavour. And, ya, one can get used to the Cinnamon desktop. I mean it looks better than Mate if that’s any consolation. LOL. But why were they so skimpy on useful apps? Giving us the stupid Transmission torrent client when qBittorrent is so much nicer. 😦 And why they used the kinda random media player instead of famous VLC, shall remain a riddle for future generations.

Of course, in true Linux form we installed both programs in a matter of 2 minutes … but still, why did they do such random stuff?

Okay, now off to the Minty forum and nagging Clem and his gang to give us a Mate flavour of LMDE3. 😉


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