I betcha a fiver you never experienced Ravel’s pièce de résistance like this before.

Almost 6 years old, still a goodie. And, I dunno what it is, maybe I’m more of a fukn softie than I care to admit but every time I see such cool flashmobs flashing up I start to cry happy tears. :.)

Or here, the good ole Beathoven …

Orca’s slowly turning into a puddle. And then this happens:

Magnificoooo… DoReMi:


Carmina Burana anyone?

Seems to be a champion of worldwide mobs. 😉

When Japanese sing German it’s always … bootyfull!

Always good for a party trick: Verdi!

Waka Waka!

Every flash becomes better with bagpipes!

Now I’m LMfAO. 🙂

But who could ever forget the “The Greatest Music Video Ever Made” a giant LipDub a whole city participated in …

… and oh fuk, I’m crying again. :….(


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