The Struggle is Real!

Let’s snuggle an eel??? No, no, nope! EEEeeeps! 😮 Was out yesterday, shopping for medical supplies for hubby, when …

… those disgruntled workers and comrades are striking at our favourite pharmacy! 😮

Kidz, don’t let the song n dance routine fool you, this is a workplace dispute where the struggle is still real. Quite contary to Orcablog where only the snuggle is real. 😉 It’s about workers’ and human rights. And if they wouldn’t do something to keep the capitalists at bay and under control our fair country would sink down to American levels. 😦 They didn’t fight racist apartheid for so many years, only to suffer monetary capitalist apartheid now.


Aholes better apologize to the union and their employees!
Rubber bullets! Got that, America? Rubber bullets and no arrests … and nobody had to die!
NUPSAW: Amazing name for a worker’s union. Why not call it Knobhead? … or Nutsack?


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