The Devil is in the Details

At least in Linux it sometimes is. So if you think the change from Linux Mint 19 to 19.1 will be only incremental and can be disregarded, watch this quick vid by teklek411. Yeah, it’s mostly just cosmetic but … as I said …

Asking me? I much preferred the previous GUI, but nobody’s asking me. You can probably change all that back to your personal taste anyway and make it look less garish. :/ And hey, I’m not using Cinnamon (and Mint for that matter) anyway. So go ahead, make your desktops fugly and dysfunctional, why dontcha?

LinuxMint19+I know some of my more awesome readers using Linux now, and most of ’em are on Mint, which makes them even awesomerer. And don’t misunderestimate me, I love the Minty goodness as well and will wholeheartedly recommend Mint for everybody. It’s just when I see the changes to the desktop I’m gonna ask myself Why o why? I guess most of us have been kinda happy on Win7, it’s the pinnacle of Windows evolution, right? From there on it all went downhill until it met the absolute lowest point with Win10. So why tf did the Minty boys think it would be a gud idea to change the design of the nice and sober Win7-esque look of Mint 19 to the awful af look of Win10? Change for change’s sake? Are we children? Fuksake people, I’m a bit disappointed with you! 😦


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