Shiiiiiiiiiit! :o

Oh my. 😦 Ohmyohmy. 😦

Me happily werking on my fancy main computer on my fancy shmancy ArchLinux distro, collecting quotes, thinking about shit to post on my bloggo when suddenly all goes dark. I mean the system’s still running but I can’t see anything on screen, the desktop is black! 😮

I restart the system and …


… a virgin-like Namib greets me and wants to know my password over and over again. This has never happened before. And where is my wallpaper, where are the folders I use daily? All disappeared and gone it seems. My blogfolder with everything I did in November, my cringeworthy quotes collection … where is all that shit?

Know what my peeps? Guess I’m gonna clean all the remnants of my Namib system off the SSD now, right after I’m finished with crying over all my lost data, and install Mint! Hey, it’s the bestest Linux distro, right? I mean, Orca said so. Nothing wrong with using it then accordingly, no?

Still not sure if I should go with the normal Mint 19.1 or LMDE. :/ I prefer LMDE, of course, but since Clem and his gang have decided to only give us its Cinnamon flavoured version, I’m not too sure anymore. I’m such a spoiled Mate brat, switching to its poor cousin Cinnamon would feel too much like a step back. But, hey, so does installing a Ubuntu-based system. Oh fuk, what am I gonna doooo?

Guess I’ll just spend some more time crying and griefing and slowly coming to terms with all the data lost and then maybe looking for something completely different. Oh, and maybe it’s about time I should de-commission my old motherboard, which is much more likely the real culprit in this scenario than the super duper ArchLinux. Yikes, just spend some more thousand woolongs for a new mobo-proci combo is exactly what I always wanted to do … NOT! :.(

Ok, laterz …


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