Moar Shiiit! :(

Ya … that didn’t went well. :/

At least I guess we know who the culprit is in the scenario: Must be the fuggn mobo! Because guess wot, both our external HDDs are empty, totally devoided of files and nada on them! 😮 Fuuuk, know what that means? All my digital photos I made since 2003 or so are gone, hubby’s and mine whole datalifes deleted, all our movies also poofed. Ok, that movie purge wasn’t the first time, and we were just busy repopulating the platter anyway, so we didn’t lose too much there. But the rest is gone, probably forever. This feels so crap. :.(

Kool Komputah, unkool mainboard. 😦

Ok, plan of action: First thing tomorrow monday morning, call the computer repair lesbian, cry a bit and ask her what and how much of our data she’ll be able to restore from the external hard drives and if she can save the unholy mobo … or sell me a cheapo but gud new (four generations old) one. Gigabyte warrantee is over by now anyway, so repair or new it is.

And guess what else unhappy thoughts are popping up in my mind? Maybe a cloud storage solution ain’t that bad afterall. At least as emergency data vault.

Oh myyyy… :/

And the question what system to install on my good computer isn’t valid anymore. I won’t touch that thing until repair lesbian has checked and maybe saved it. I’m typing this now on Gaga, which is powered by LMDE3 as it so happens. My lifesaver was already installed! Lucky me. 🙂



    • There ain’t any better explainification for that, Trap. Totally random shit happening at the least opportune times is kinda typical for a mainboard with Alzheimers is it not? I guess the content on both pladders isn’t really deleted but my mobo decided to confuzzle the file of content and make it all unreadable.


      • Yes, the files are still there, it is just the file system that has been left in an unreadable state due to the power loss from the dead MB. It’s an easy thing to fix.

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          • Unfortunately dear, you are most likely an idiot and shouldn’t do a thing. Leave it to computer lesbian.

            Actually, there is one thing you could do. Get another disk so that you’re ready to back up your files when you get them back. Be a little less of an idiot 🙂

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            • Sorry, can’t help with the idiocy. It’s system imminent, quite obviously. :/ But, yeah, wanted to buy a faster better newer hard drive anyhoo. Although neither of my drives seem to be at fault.


  1. What the hell happened??? How its happened??? I don’t understand how your system just rolled back like that. I don’t know if it’s a namib side problems. An Arch Linux side problems? Or your computer is just crap I don’t know. Whatever happened I’m sorry for you.

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    • Well, computer lady will only see me tomorrow, but we guess it is the mainboard again. That thing gave me problems pretty much from the beginning and was already 3 times in Gigabyte repair center. I guess it’s the same now. All the symptoms are showing in that direction. So don’t worry Fred, Namib is innocent. 🙂
      But we can’t be sure, since according to the real expert I’m just an idiot.


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