I Went Sailing Pt. II


Well, the short overnight stay on Galgano island turned out to become almost a week now but you know, RL is just too good not to live it and there is also the stupid van and the nifty Linux shit to take care of. But early this morning I continued my journey. Only a short hop today but that one was crucial for the whole tour and kinda technical and not a pure joy to sail. So I didn’t add many miles today but it had to be done.

Hubby noticed, when he looked at Pt. I of the tour, that my silver bikini was very skimpy and whore-ish and somehow he didn’t like it. :/ Hm. Anyway, this is a very old 70s inspired biki by Shark. It’s modest, no?
Today I got the W270, 15 kts wind dialed in much faster than the last time. Slowly getting in the groove again. 😉
And away we goooooo…
First landmark on the way is the Pirate Radio Station in Spello.
In Zanuggia we turn starboard …
… but not without checking out the very cozy LDPW Seasideshack by Musical Misty Mole.
The “mushroom shop” of Bright Corporation is another landmark you can’t miss.
Next we pass another very tastefully done LDPW Rez Spot. I must say our moles did well on the public waterways around Nautilus. I’m even feeling a bit patriotic and proud to be a Nautilusian. 🙂
But then the impermeable wall of Viticuso sim appears on the horizon and blocks my route. 😮 As proud as we can be of our eager and funny little mole masterbuilders so hateful is Linden’s land management team …
Usually, even in the worst overbuilt places of the grid, they leave, like, a 2 metre narrow channel where you can hug along civilization and the EOW. Not so in this stupid sim …
… as I get sucked in and under by some kind of undertow while trying the usual tricks. 😮
Arrgs, shit man! I’m much too young to die. At least in such an atrociously fugly place.
After some editing and help by a wonderful local lady who prays me through the labyrinth, and some back and forth and getting lost in cul-de-sacs, the Bandit and me getting spewed out at the east end of this major blockade.
And from there it’s only a stone’s throw to yet another very practical and livesaving LCC rest stop. This one is owned by the awesome Aethelwine. Thx for doing it, hun. Guess I shall sell my landbound parcel and also try to find a nice litle place where tired and hungry sailors can find a stove and a bunk to stay during bad weather.

Okay so far. Stressed out but still alive. I hope I can continue my trip like tomorrow and don’t don’t let so much time pass again before I can set sails again.

Cya next time … hopefully tomorrow …




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