Oubaas’ Day at the Beach ;)


Indaba My Children,

this morning after gym I took our old van down to the beach. For no specific reason other than he’s riding quite nicely now *knock on wood* and because I just didn’t wanna go home. All that’s waiting for me there is my sleepy hubby and a blog in dire need of some non-Linuxy content. Oh, and taking the dry clothes off the line and fold them and more such housewifely stuff. 😦 Datz wayyy below even goofy Orca’s dignity.

Logical solution: Don’t go home. Avoid home at any cost but rather drive around aimlessly and contemplate about this particular time of year when in Europe and North America the sun practically never shows and life happens in perpetual twilight.

Hey ho Oubaas, to the beach we go! 🙂

View south, towards downtown and Table Mountain
View north, towards nowhere, followed by Namibia (which is pretty much nowhere itself) and more nowhere
*Snek!!! You see her?
This time it is indeed the pretty aggro and totally poisonous Causus rhombeatus, the fukn Cape Viper! 😮
She’s a very young kiddy snek, that’s why she looks like one of those cheaper-by-the-dozen mall sneks. Once she’s older she gets a lot darker, almost black. That’s what a snek catcher/wildlife expert/ranger guy told me who was just at this parking lot because they had been shooting some movie there earlier. In my excitement I totally forgot to snap some photos of his failed attempt to catch that snek. 😮
These ain’t tourists and this ain’t no group hike or sumsuch. It’s volunteers of a community program, cleaning the beaches and dunes after the film crews left and make everything spic n span again
Still fugly … but drives a helluvalot nicer now 🙂

*Snek = Reddit speak for snake.

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