*EDIT* PULD Linux ezROLL – 2nd Attempt

Ohayo Gozaimasu, fellow housewives and Linux hopefulls.

After the unlucky try with PULD, like, 3 days ago I gave it another go just a couple minutes ago. PULD developer eznix told me he made a new version, which I failed to find an installer for yesterday. So I was like boohoo :.( and eznix was like Stupid girl, the installer is in the menu and I was thinking to myself Silly old geezer. Does he think I’m stupid and blind? I’ve spent the whole day yesterday and searched the whole fukn menu up n down but nothi… OH! 😮

eznix turned Xfce’s whisker menu around so it’s usable by human beings, and he also put the installer in, just as he said. 😉

Ya, I know, the good old PULD is called ezROLL now but it’s still the same distro, following the same philosophy of giving us a fairly lightweight – but first of all uncomplicated – computing experience. I like that approach very much. You see, many of the so-called n00b-friendly Linux distros are actually everything but. Totally overthought behemothes with built in nanny-state dysfunctionality. Yeah, looking at you Linux Lite. 😦

As always when I look at a distro, this is how ezROLL looks fresh outa the box. I still hatehatehate the wallpaper …

This is different. PULD, respectively ezROLL is a fully functional vanilla Debian, just with a fancy Calamares Installer, so it’s easy to get the shit onto your computing machine. Bravo for that. As you know I’m not a big Xfce fanatic but honestly it’s not so bad and one can get used to it very easily. Not as versatile as Mate but a tad lighter, what should make it faster on old hardware. So it’s a good choice for your first snooping around in Linux.

… but that’s easily and quickly changed as usual in Gnome-ish environments. I also shrunk the lower panel, as is typical for Orca’s desktops and chose another theme I guess. On the right side we see the Whisker menu, which is famous for being easy and lightweight and fast and uncomplicated. Just as in Mate, there are no big surprises waiting for you if you’ve ever worked in Win7 before.

What I personally liked best was the fact that ezROLL is based on an adult Debian code instead of kiddy shit Ubuntu. 😉 If you have ever heard the term Rock Solid Stable, this is it! And no mistake.

Of course internet runs like a boss, as we see here shown to us on Firefox ESR. No idea what that ESR means, prolly some special fox just for Linux or sumsuch. Werkz great. Did you expect any different?

Apart from  that there ain’t much to say about ezROLL, which is perfect. I love a desktop that hides behind the applications (of which there are a lot … A LOT!) fresh outta the box, already pre-installed. You can become immediately awesome with ezROLL without the need to ever install any additional software. Cool.

ezNix wasnt skimping on software neither, he preinstalled the complete Libre Office suite. Here I’m showing you the Writer module.

Oh, now I’ve almost forgotten to give you my most important reason why I suddenly love PULD/ezROLL so much: It’s fast and spunky now! Gone is the tardiness from two days ago, this is a very good Linux all around, for old and new users on old and new computers.

Very cool, very very cool!

Nice touch: Instead of one of those pesky Welcome Screens eznix presents us with a folder containing various geeky stuffz I still have to wrap my stupid noggin around.

Of course there won’t be any nanny, holding your hand every step of the way, watching all over you, making sure you won’t run into trubbelz. But honest now, where is the fun  in that? ezROLL makes life easy for you without hawking over you. You’re respected as the adult, self-reliant user you are. You can and most certainly will make mistakes, hair raising dummy shit up to and including total mucking up of the whole system. But haven’t I told you repeatedly to get some dirtcheap komputah and use that as your test lab.  And then go your merry ways and break everything! Just as I did the last two days on the old Lenovo. You’re free to do the same. Almost a rarity these days, even and particularly in the Linux community. Really, This Shit comes highly recommended!


Hey, the *EDIT!

Totally forgot to make my most important test any Linux distro has to pass, get some fukn Second Life viewer running and log you in world. Because if it can’t do that it makes no sense for us, no sense at all. Right? And lo and behold …

Fucrapshit! 😦

Nhn. Still can’t convince ezROLL to start Singu, not for money nor good words. :/ Dunno what’s so different in ezROLL from other Debian/Ubuntu distros, just not geeky enough to figger it out. What a shame. 😦

And here comes the knight in shiny armour, Arch Linux and saves the day: Just install Singularity and Firestorm viewers directly from the AUR and … no, no and. Install the shit and that’s it. Use yor SL viewer like any other program directly from the menu, docker, task bar, panel or desktop. As you wish. Couldn’t be easier.

Linux fan Orca inworld SL, Kowloon sim, on Arch-based Namib GNU/Linux. Couldn’t be any easier.



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