A host suggestion

I gave up in trying a dedicated forum host, none of them give us the hability of to make backups, to me a very important thing.

Instead, I searched for free web hostage, with mySQL and PHP. Found a long list and tried just one. Made one in U Host Full (http://www.uhostfull.com/free-hosting.php):

Already installed a subdomain (slsailing.ihostfull.com)* (by a mistake, main domain subscribed was “lucyinthesky.ihostfull.com”, but we can use subdomains, as an almost independent web page);
in slsailing… installed phpBB for the forum;
it have 6 calendars to choose; took a look in 2 of them, and both were better than the best calendar found in any forum host (but being a normal web-page, others can be installed)

as you can see in the above pic, there are many other apps offered.

Please, this site is just a test/suggestion. If anybody have another suggestion or prefer to have another account, with SL Sailing (or like) as main domain, please feel free to comment below.

In case we go ahead with this one, I plan to share the admin username/password with at least two other people involved. In this case, if someone leave, becomes absent for any reason, the other two can maintain the site running, download backups, choose a replacement for the absent admin, etc. The way to choose the admins can be discussed later.

C’mon people, commenting below is free 😉


  1. Free hosting is never a good solution. Always use a paid hosting or a dedicated(VPS) server. It’s give you more flexibility and it’s much more powerful and most of the time you can host multiple website on the same server (like a do). Sure it’s more complex to setup but it worth it. Buy a low cost vps for like 5$ a month and you are good to go.

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    • I totally agree with you frederic. In fact I’ve had problems long ago, when with a group of friends we started a site on Tropical Fish, we had 3 big crashes in 3 free hosts, when we moved to a dedicated paid server. But we ever had full backups of all the site. But it was way larger than this one will ever be. With two forums (one in Portuguese and one international, in English) we had up to 10,000 members in them. After one year of moving to the paid one, adds was paying all hostage and related costs.

      But we just recently lost two forums, with all the stuff parked in them, because only one person was in charge:

      WTWB’s forum finished when Bea simply announced quiting and let the site die. and VWS, in the name of Maiti finished when she passed away 😦 .

      I am only trying to restart things but in a more shared way, so we don’t depend on a single person to maintain things up. When this is running, we can discuss the move to a paid (and better) hostage.

      But thanks for the input 😉

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    • I didn’t have any problem making an account there a few days ago (maybe they closed new accounts just after I did mine), and yes, I noticed that insecure login too, and am still looking for a another good host.

      Thanks for your input

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  2. That girl with an opinion on everything stays weirdly silent and relaxes quietly in the background and lets you guys have a party here without interfering. 🙂


  3. Im no expert on the technology here but mi dos pesos:
    1. off line backup is essential (and in a form that could be ported to a DIFFERENT hosting platform fairly easily. DONT assume you are restoring to the same platform.
    2. ‘shared admin’ also essential
    3. you tend to get what you pay for.
    4. easy for “anyone” to contribute (posts, content)

    Lucy will you being giving some testers access for proof of concept?

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