Oh Shit, Oubaas! :(

Ya, you guessed correctly. Went grocery shopping, car rattles like there’s no tomorrow. 😮 I’m thinking it sounds all too familiar … probably propshaft on its way out again. So today I made my way to the propshaft experts only to have the uber expert telling me Noooo, that’s the “crossmember” or sumsuch and we only work on propshafts. And I’m like WTF? And they like Sorry, find a mechanic. And I’m like Boohoo. :.( Then one of the propshafters tells me were I can find a garage that specialises in shitty old cars and that’s where I must go to find enlightenment and universal awareness in all things automobilistic.

And there I went and …

They repairing airplanes too?

… a buncha 20-30something hipsters, totally dirty, pierced and tattoed all over but with very well-groomed beards, taking care of me and Oubaas. 🙂 Pheew.

Oubaas, Granada, airplane and Chevy.

When I tell the boss how problematic my life with Turdy was he just said I should’ve come to them. It’s no problem to sort those old Chevs out. And I like Well, too late now 😦 And I like the Transit better anyway.

Everything is better than Chevrolet, really! :/

That’s how I love my men, working for me under my car.

While one of them brings me home I tell him about my other problems: No fuel gauge, no speedo, no odometer … and the steering is still fuked. And he like We’ll look into all that and let you know. But for now let’s sort out the rattling propshaft and loose gearbox and loose shiftythingy and let’s tighten the exhaust before it falls off …

“Good night John-Boy.”

… and I’m like You can do that? And he’s like Come back at half past three, or wait, we’ll send someone around with your van and you can bring them back.

Another dream car of mine, the good old Mustang.

And there I was fearing the van would be gone for 1-2 weeks. Hey, what a positive outlook for once.

Remember Turdy? Here we have his less fancy but much better maintained brother. With racing stripes, which means he’ll be much faster as well.

I know I should hush now and be quiet not to summon bad kharma … but prolly for the first time ever since I’m in the Shitty Old Cars Business I feel in good hands with these guys.

Corvette. :/ Shitty car but I lurv those wheels.

Particularly since they don’t specialize: They do all sorts of repairs and not just portions of them. And as oldtimer specialists they know where to find rare spares or replacements.

Dodge and others …

Uiuiuiiii … I can hardly wait for them to call me. Oubaas’ future looks bright! And maybe there’s a chance for him to become a Vanessa or Vangelina in the not too distant future. 😉

On the inside the shop is a fukn treasure chest!

You see the photos? Ya, prolly nothing special in the US and Europe but in Africa (and let’s not forget, South Africa is still kinda African country) this is really a small fortune worth of cars they have assembled here. And if so many owners of more or less valuable old metal trust in these guys to maintain their precious little motorvehicles, they can’t be all that bad.  Right?

Another fancy oldtimer. I have a good feeling about this garage.

And this garage is not even 10 minutes away from our home. Why o why didn’t I know about this gem???

/me feels betrayed. :/



  1. You have made a truly life-altering discovery if these guys save your vehicle and turn out to be your go-to mechanics. CONGRATS ! ! ! Your photos are interesting. Are the mechanics gonna get that plane up and flying too??!!

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    • Ya, maybe as a way outta there. Because it’s the least desirable part of our suburb, directly on the other side of the road from Darkytown, if you catch my drift. Depending on if they are happy or not a flight outta this dirty old part of the city might come in handy some day. :/


    • Is a bit, uh, racist shit. Darky town is what many of us blankies call the informal and formal settlements – aka townships – where the black folk live. Hubby and me call our locall settlement Schlumpfdorf (smurf village) to give it a more positive vibe. Still terribly belittling, I know. But once you lived here for a while you get desensitized.

      Oldest SA joke I know:
      Q: What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist?
      A: About 2 weeks.

      A black friend of ours once summed it up: “We’re all racists, if we want or not. We talk about black and white all the time and have our lifes influenced by the question of skin colour. And don’t think among blacks we’re more friendly towards you blankies. I have to wear glasses now because your white computer screens have ruined my eyesight. You’re assholes!”


  2. Awwww. I see. That’s depressing. But coming from a country very similar to S. Africa where we just walked in and took it, basically, killed the indigenous population and enslaved everyone else……what can I say? Very much the same. It’s interesting that you use terms like “darky town” so casually, but I remember you said something once about Americans being overly and pointlessly polite or something like that, and it’s true. No one here would say darky town in a public forum unless they were an unapologetic racist. The folks who are into that stuff just continue to say it behind closed doors, I guess. The problem is, all that hidden, buried bigotry and racism resurfaced again just recently, as we all know, when the orangutan got elected president.

    But I do think when people are forced to stop using and repeating certain derogatory terms, a kind of hive mind sets in, a sea change, and people actually do begin to shift their thinking and become kinder and gentler.

    I get what your friend said about racists, but I’m not sure I agree with that. I don’t think black and white became a “thing” until the Dutch invaded, do you? After all, before the invasion, there was no question of skin color since it was all the same skin color. I think modern racism differs greatly from what went on in the distant past and ancient times. What by all accounts used to be tribalism and cultural pride and cultural groupings and saying, “We’re better than you because of our bread baking or our carriages or our pyramids or our understanding of the stars or our way of governing” mutated into “Dark people are inferior to white people and possibly not even fully human” somewhere between the 1600s and 1700s.

    And that’s all she wrote. The rationalizations for killing, kidnapping, and enslaving other human beings were set in place. And yeah, slavery has always been around, but not like modern slavery, not like chattel slavery.
    I really can’t imagine moving to S. Africa and referring to an African area as darky town, even though that joke says otherwise. When my mother was growing up in Stockton and riding her bike around the block, kids would say, “Here comes a dark cloud!” This was something, among many other stories, I’d hear over and over, a bad memory that stuck with her for 50 years. So it’s possible that if you’ve never experienced the kinds of situations and hurts that people who aren’t white experience daily, “darky town” won’t rub you the wrong way because you have no past history with the pain that’s caused from those kinds of things.

    But again, coming from a country that has EXPORTED racism all over the world….I just feel sad and defeated. I’m vehemently opposed to any kind of racism while I live in one of the most backwards, hypocritically puritanical and racist countries in the world.

    Sorry to go on and on about it, but this topic is extremely sensitive. I have SO MANY stories about what it’s like to be judged by your skin color. And none of them are good.

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    • Hi again Stacey, see racism in Africa is different from racism in America. Most important difference being that the dutch never had black slaves! For reasons:
      – When the first boatload of dutchies arrived here at the cape in 1653 the world was a vastly different place. What was to become Cape Town was used as a vegetable garden, a restocking station on the way to asia. Not even many whities were like totally free but caught up in some european hierarchy scheme or the other.
      – Directly at the cape only lived a very small population of strandlopers, bushmen that were more brown than black. And they were tiny and weak, weren’t a very resilient bunch and didn’t make good slaves and went extinct after a short while. So the dutchies imported slaves from indonesia, java and such places. Still today many capetonians are coloured and muslim. Farther down the coast you have some more english towns and in Durban you have a huge indian minority and the best spices market in the country.
      – The real blacks, in form of a very aggressive nation of bantus arrived in waves of migrations at the same time. Mostly weaker tribes, fleeing from the newly formed nation of Zulu under king Chaka Zulu. That was the time in then late 1800s when the brits tried to colonize southern africa as well and the legendary movies Zulu and Zulu Dawn were made. 😉 They were fierce warriors, fighting against the whites for the same land. Of course they were never enslaved but finally “being replaced” by endless hordes of new dutchies and brits with modern weapons arriving at safrican shores.

      So I guess whities and blacks are more on the same eye level than in america, even after the terrible apartheid time. It threw back the black development and made them more stupiderer and disadvantagederer, and it will take some generations to heal until they are all the same, just south africans. For now they only mix slowly, blacks and coloureds mostly keep to themselves in their traditonal areas and structures (settlememts, townships, “darkytowns”). But we have some black families living in our complex now. Many more moving into the area. So they left the black areas and moved into formerly privileged white suburbs. Crime and murder rate goes up, nobody’s happy but at least they’re all on eyelevel.

      As I said change will happen slowly but when you see the kidz, they did never experience apartheid directly, and now sharing the same schools and aren’t shy to mix and mingle. And here at the cape they already have an important enemy image that bonds them together: Nobody likes the muslims! lol

      The next gen of Saffas will be awesome!

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  3. Hey, Orca, thanks for the details. I appreciate the discourse. It’s interesting to see your point of view. Lots more to say (obviously) but sciatica pain killers shortly forthcoming, can’t wait to just lay back and relax, and then of course, tomorrow is our hypocritical “Thanksgiving”, but I just enjoy it for being with family, nothing beyond that. So…more later. Tally ho!

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  4. Ahhh….several days and many pain killers later……I return to say….yeah. One thing is for sure: I definitely don’t think either of us can minimize the oppression and damage done in either of our countries by a generally white minority that appeared out of nowhere for whatever reason. I can’t really say much about S. Africa (except that Apartheid lasted, amazingly, into the early ’90s) that I can’t say about the USA too. People at some point will have to stop hating other people, because the world is getting many different shades of browner and isn’t going to stop. I read a book once that took place in an unnamed future where white people had become a myth; they no longer even existed. I think that’s definitely part of what’s going on in America these days, the rise of hatred and lashing out: they recognize that they’re disappearing and that one day they will be greatly diminished and their voice, possibly, will be much less heard. A voice much less heard, much less made a priority? Who wants to be in THAT position? The position of the “others”? Also, what if other people were in a position to treat THEM the way they have been ignored, stomped upon, disrespected, disdained and murdered for so long? THAT would suck royally, wouldn’t it? Hopefully none of that bullshit would happen, though. Hopefully other folk won’t have the time or energy and interest in bothering with the total BS of demeaning and demoralizing others who are different from them.
    So…..hopefully everybody’ll be like your Saffas in the future. Thinking differently. Awesome.
    Having this sciatica die down finally with the help of anti-inflammatories and nerve relaxers…..is the best thing….in the history of the world. Sometimes I think about race and racism and bigotry and the ugliness in the world and worry and fret and get mad. But now, out of pain and fairly relaxed, I gotta admit….sorta thinking: FUCK IT. NOT IN PAIN. ALL THAT MATTERS.
    I’d make a terrible military leader. 🙂

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    • “I’d make a terrible military leader. 🙂”
      Fukit! Who wants to be a military leader anyhoo? Who wants military? We’ve really better, more pressing stuffz to do. 🙂

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