PULD – Linux Your Mom Could Love

Good morning my ungeeky Computer users.

I did it again. Despite my claim of running out of new distros to check out I might still have some worth investigating. Cool. ^.^ And let’s start with a basically really good little distro, PULD Linux. This is a Debian-based distro, aimed at beginners and helpless untechy dummies, that’s why it’s called PULD = Parental Units Linux Distro. 😉

Freshly installed PULD is super fugly but also shows great potential. The pretty empty desktop doesn’t bombard and overburden your mom with a lot of useless nanny-state shit. Install and be awesome pretty immediately!

Yeah, easy it is indeed. Installation went quick and painless, the desktop is simple and fugly, and it’s supposed to be spunky I guess. And there my problems start. It may be my older Lenovo showing the age of its i5-650 CPU and only a very restricted amount of 4 RAMs. But really, no. Know what, MiniMe was never a speed monster but always reacted positively to any Linux distro I installed on it and showed satisfying processing speed. Only in PULD I had to wait seconds (not milliseconds) before anything happened after I clicked on something.

As always in Gnome-ish environments it’s super easy to Orca-fy the desktop and make it at least a little bit friendlier. And look at the menu: can’t be any simpler, right? And my personal favourite attribute of any desktop, the ability to put my most-used apps down in the panel and start them from there, is no problem neither. One plus point for PULD.

I couldn’t believe how sluggish my formerly professional office machine worked so I installed PULD on its newer colleage Gaga as well. Hah, the perks of having two computers dedicated to just testing lame Linux distros, right? \o/ YAY! \o/

Firefox, the internet browser of (clever) choice works as expected, and I bring it to good use immediately by downloading Singularity- and Firestorm viewers. And hey, if you’re an industry minion and want your stinkin’ Chrome-ish browser – as I said it’s no prob to install it and get rid of the fancy Firefox. Makes you a bad person, that’s all! :/

No. :/ Little Gaga showed the same symptoms as MiniMe, although she was supposed to run circles around her older brother. :/ So I decided to blame it on the system, which I usually never do. My momma raised me as a very self-doubting girl and always first look at my own personal shortcomings when I fail. Hey, suits me fine. I’m not a fukn millenial after all! \o/ But in this case the culprit has to be the fukn PULD! Makes one wonder, doesn’t it: Debian-based, super reduced lightweight Xfce desktop enviroment, in my simple straightforward world, honestly, wcgw? A lot as it turned out. 😦

Both SL viewers downloaded and unpacked very fast and without any hiccups. Only I couldn’t start the viewers and log in world. 😦 The all important box where you click on “Run This Shit!” isn’t available.

Well, under these circumstances I wasn’t really in the mood to check out all the apps PULD ships with, even though the initial choice of softwares made a good impression on me. It’s not sparse as in some other distros but you’ll find a good collection of all the shit you might need. And if not – hey, I told you how easy it is to install moar shit to your system in a heartbeat. We can go thru the process in one of my next Linux-y writeups.

As you can gather from the 16:9 screen ratio we switched to Gaga now … and installed Linux Mint Debian Edition on it. As the name suggests it’s also a Debian-based distro … and installs and runs Second Life like a boss. :/ Hmmm …

But what I really wanted to check out, the most important shit for 99.9% of my readers, how does Second Life play out on PULD? And here’s where the shit really hits the fan. 😮 As you can read in the caption of 2 above screenshot the little but important box never shows up but it does on LMDE! As usual I blame myself for it and try everything possible and impossible until I come to my personal conclusion that there must be something wrong with PULD’s Debian foundation. Neither my not-so-fancy Lenovo hardware nor me are to blame.

\o/ Hoohoo! \o/ Orcsi sends geetings and salutations from tropical Nautilus north coast’s island world. This screen capture was taken on Gaga, with LMDE running Singularity SL viewer.

Yeah, another Linux distro review gone bad. Or shall we say another Linux distro gone bad? Hey, I know there must be users out there who are happy with PULD; if it was running so slow for everybody the developer wouldn’t have been able to make a YT video about it. Look, this here:

So let’s say PULD just doesn’t work nice with my Lenovo hardware. Which is bad since Lenovo ThinkCentres are the quintessence of professional grade hardware. How and why it didn’t work out for me, fuk do I know. 😦 There is no reason for why it should all go so wrong. It’s based on Debian ffs! eznix, the PULD dev, made the lightweight Xfce dektop even lighter and usable by his own mom and housewives (which would be us). We don’t even get a fancy installer but get to do it like in DOS days of old. Looks primitive but worx very well. And, honestly now, could you possibly think of a more romantic gesture of a son’s love for his mother than making a special Linux spin for her? LOL, ikr?

Rambling Welshman Chris Were

To make it short, based on my experience with PULD I can not recommend this distro. On the other hand, judging by its very inception and its good genes … ya, why not try it out yourself why dontcha? If anything doesn’t work out for you, pfff, wasted half an hour and gained some experience points. Or … even better idea: Fukn install Linux Mint, in LMDE or Ubuntu flavour doesn’t make a huge diff and is a thousand times better than PULD. If Mint’s LMDE would be avilable in more than just the Cinnamon flavour it would be perfect. At least for me and for Chris (check his vid at 10:15). But most of you love Cinnamon anyway so yes, use LMDE, leave the rat race and go your merry ways!



  1. Hi Orca Flotta! Pianokeyjoe here, I tried this OS and I never got past the boot screen! The OS does not like my older 17 and 19 inch LCD monitors I got for free on my cheap build of a intel core 2 duo 2.6ghz with 3gb ram and a nvidia dual head gt240. I got a black screen with input out of range error on my monitors. I was able to switch to the command line console(DOS) and see the OS working at least but no root password is given or hinted of in the download page and so I can’t even fix the Xorg file. heh… Epic fail.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh! 😮
      Can’t fukn help you. So sorry. I’m more the lazy type and would never do such geeky stuff. 3 GB Ram sounds like a 32-bit machine, right? Did you grab the right ISO for it? But I see eznix just answered on YT.


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