MiniMe’s Honour Restored

Teehee, just couldn’t resist.

So right after the PULD tragedy I installed Namib GNU/Linux on MiniMe. For no particular reason but just to see how my old Lenovo would run a real life system that I use as my daily rider on my good rig as well. And …


… it’s cool, all good. MiniMe ain’t breaking any speed records but it’s running nicely, fast and without any problems. In other words, nobody should be ashamed to use this ~2010 pc as their daily rider for all sorts of computing. I do it. When my main rig is in the sick bay I transfer blogging duty over to the Lenovo in a heartbeat and use it for my daily “work”. And both my Lenovos do it admirably well.

I guess I’m not totally unfair when I state that PULD is shit. I said it about many other, much more famous and well-loved Linux distros as well, so PULD ain’t even in bad company. And the dev said something about a new version coming out soon, when the new Debian is released. So, ya, let’s see if we can witness PULD’s full potential then.

This was just a quick update, cya laterz.



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