Triumphal Today!

Ahoi sailors!

After I was done with my explorations for today I checked quickly who of my friendslist was online: Of course Trap and Lucy … and looky here, there are two blobs visible on my worldmap in Triumphal. And who might that be I wonder.

First I meet Lucy, who tells me the WWC setter in my old raceline buoy has stopped working. Mine? After so many years? Hmmm… :/
And yes, it turns out it’s indeed my buoy and it’s unresponsive. But it’s also No Mod, No Trans. 😦
Where thinking back and forth for a while until Lucy rezzes a WWC setter above the buoy. Everything is cool and groovy now. 😉
And then I TP up to Trap’s top secret private lab and construction platform. But as so often she’s AFK so our very singlesided conversation ends after 2 minutes already. :/

And then I notice Lucy gave me a landmark before she had to log out: A Autonomous Collective’s Outpost. I’m curious and TP there right away …

Cool! It’s just a small 580 m² dock and rez spot for LCC up in a top secret location on Corsica. Could be pretty handy sooner or later. Thank you auntie Lu. 😉


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