Orca Went *gulps* Sailing. :o

Hard to believe isn’t it. It’s years ago since I last set foot on any vessel in Second Life, and that was a powerboat ffs, so much easier and dumberer than a real virtual boat powered by real virtual wind. But yesterday I thought I had to get my feet wet again and explore at least my little part of the grid. Not by road, but the waterways on Nautilus’ northern coastline and the channels over to Corsica. Here’s my story, Pt. I:

As start location I choose Jes Kattun’s LCC outpost in Gogol. How old is that thing now? I love it there are at least some things you still can count on in these highly confusing times.
Because I’m rusty, old and slow I rez my trusty old Bandit 25, by Analyse Dean. I will sail it in autopilot mode so I can concentrate on navi and photos and don’t need to trim the sails.
Yes, I know Autopilot is a stupid term for what in reality is just a autotrim function. I call it my virtual crew, because it does all the things usually done by my minions. =^.^=  Takes long enough already to set up the WWC wind since I forgot more about it than I’d ever learned in  the first place.
Finallly we’re away, on a easy 15 kt Western breeze! Life is good!
Funny how the landscaping in parts of the North-Westsern Nautilus coast indeed reminds us of northern sailing areas.
On the stretch from Rhubarb, via Tremble, Vavra to Hawker I need to beat up against the westerly wind, before I can turn north again behind the Blacking docks.
The Brunskill Light tells us it’s time to turn starboard again, this time direction East.
At a distance we’re passing one of the nicest LDPW developments, Castle Valeria in the northern Nautilusian sea …
… and continue down east.
The coastal regions are in fact pretty nicely done by the various property owners.
Of course some deafblind idiots had to rez fat McMansions and, ugh, palm trees. 😦
Once we see Kenosaki island popping up on the horizon, we’re getting close to the familiar waters of Orca’s bath tub. 😉
The Pulciano lighthouse is another indicator that we’re getting closer to my home parcel.
After scouting out the small harbor of Sandy Denny I decide to go just a little bit farther before calling it a night.
Yeah, this is a nice place for an overnight stay: Galgano is a humble mooring for a humble boat and humble needs of a humble girl.

This is the closest we’d come to my temoprary home parcel in Lori. Tomorrrow I shall continue due East and then slowly track my way down south to the Blake Sea … and then back West to Triumphal. And when I still not have enough by then maybe explore the new estates in the Western Nautilus ocean. But for now my plan is quite big enuff for a little girl on a little boat, all alone in this big cruel world full of drama. 8)

Cya tomorow … or so.


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