*EDIT* Moar Narrowboating …

… up the Grand Union Canal.

David2Hey, you maybe remember David’s uncommented not-a-vlog video from last week? No? This one here, dummy! And today he posted yet another, much longer video of almost 3 hours length. 😮

No, I don’t command you to watch it (you know I have the power and could do it) but maybe if you’re in the right mindset it’s a nice pastime. Look:

Boy, these boats are sloooooow, alright. I would give up on that lifestyle after a couple days already. But somehow I admire the whole thing, the – often astonishingly young and hip and female – people living it and the relaxed atmosphere and calmness about it.

So if you wanna get bored outta your fuxn skull please join David on his boat, cruising some English canal. Have fun! … or sumthink … :/

*EDIT: If you’re like totally bored there is some lock “action” starting at ~2 hrs something.



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