Busy Day So Far

As you’ll hopefully see soon-ish I’m busy werking for the blog. Without writing a single line or publishing a single photo. I’m productive nevertheless. Mhm.;) Trying out a new Debian-based Linux distribution, a very lean and reduced distro supposed to make the life of old people, housewifes (yeah, that be us) and dummies easier, and be gentle on the nerves of family helpline volunteers. Name of that particular distro is PULD Linux, which is a rather funny name, which I will explainify when I post my user review on it.

Unfortunately I stumbled over the one or other problem with PULD Linux, so I needed to install some other distros as well, in order to compare them with PULD. And to do that guess what nifty software I instrumentalized? Yes, the mighty Etcher. Without that thing I couldn’t have done any work today. Look:


What are we looking at? The Etcher program I showed you yesterday – when all my trubbelz seemed so far away – in action as just one hour ago. I’m writing the ISO file of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE3) onto a USB stick (still going by the name Antergos) and am already 10% into the process. Which means it should be over and done with 2 minutes later. No I didn’t even format the stick befor atempting to overwrite it; Etcher seems robust enough to do it all exceptionally well without manual interruption. And then I can put that USB thumbdrive into any of my machines and boot it and start the installation of said Mint Debian.

So far so good. Ok, and now one of my little test machines demands my full attention, so I’ve gotta stop blogging on the side and concentrate on my Linuxy task again.

CYA laterz …


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