Got a New ISO Media Creator

Maybe of less importance for most of you but your editrix is kinda very happy right now. Lately had problems with some older softwares, like the Suse Studio Image Maker and others. Some didn’t even wanna install on my system. And if you know how often I install new Linux distros on my komputahz you might know how important it is for me to create new installable media and have the right tool for it.

So today I finally found a very young and fresh program which pops out crispy fresh USB sticks with installation files on them: Etcher.



That’s a fresh Etcher on Orca’s desktop, already busy creating a bootable Antergos Linux installation file and writing it onto a USB stick. The GUI looks slick and modern, which isn’t important at all, but the process was a total success. Operation is simple as possible: Just tell Etcher where on your computer the .ISON file is located, then let Etcher know on which medium the ISO file must be written …and then just give the Go command and watch the magic happen. And no fear, no complex terminal text code necessary, it’s really as simple as it looks. Oh, and Etcher is not just FOSS it is multiplatform as well: Means you get versions for Win/Mac as well. Important for when you wanna install Lijnux for the first time ever and have no media creator. Thanks to Etcher Antergos is savely installed on Gaga now. And that’s what counts!

So guys, if you wanna join the ranks of super sexy Linux distro hoppers users you’ll need a software like this. And Etcher will lower the first hurdle for you. Plus it comes highly recommended by Orcsibaby. 😉

Balena is some cloud thingy or so but that doesn’t matter to us. =^.^=


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