Firestorm: fake website and downloads warning

Guess there are more than just a few FS users reding my bloggy as well, so with your friendly permission, Inara, I’m gonna reblog this important message.
Thx for caring.

Noticed this little snippet from Inara’s article:

a scam site that is particularly nasty, as the Windows download link is infected

Haha, what does that tell us? Come on, you know what I usually say in these situations, so I’ll spare you the hint to finally get fukn rid of your fukn Windblows and switch to lovely Linux. But I’m not saying, just sayin’. 😉

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

There are always certain risks involved in on-line living. With Second Life, we’ve all likely seen or heard of various scams and attempts to either data-scrape or gain people’s account details through phishing and other means.

Another area of risk is using viewers from untrusted sources, making a careful checking of linking to TPV sites mandatory (e.g. by checking them through the Third Party Viewer Directory page on the SL wiki) – particularly when they appear in note cards or pop-up in group chat sessions, and so on.

I raise this because Firestorm has been the subject of fake accounts posting links to a completely fake Firestorm viewer website.

Group and individual IMs have been circulating from fake “Firestorm” accounts, pointing to a fake Firestorm website & viewer downloads – with the Windows download link infected

The website – note the addresses arrowed above – is a scam site that…

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  1. Anyone that can observe and understand what they read will not be a victim to this sort of nonsense. The millisecond it takes to see that link is enough to know it is fake.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Anyone that can observe and understand”
      So basically no-one. Remember we’re talking about Hoo! Weeee SL toons here!

      “The millisecond it takes”
      Baaah, humbug. Nobody’s got time for that! A whole millisecond. Really? Are you nutz?

      But you gotz a Like for Trying to fulfill expectations, since we don’t believe in the unfair male chauvinistic meritocracy, we don’t. 🙂


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