Top44You’ve readered my latest blog about giving up on reviewing Linux distros because reasons … but now? What am I supposed to do now? Getting rid of my two small Lenovos, so my desk would look nicer again and I can concentrate on Second Life reporting?

Naaaw, datz so not me. SL is mostly boring, I know the wordmap and the continents upside down and in and out, have driven and ridden every single road and Linden Route multiple times, sailed all the waterways, sometimes as an intrepid explorer, sometimes as a group tourist with the LCC. There’s not so much to do for me in SL anymore.

So back to Linux we go. 🙂 And here and now you come into the picture! See the table on the right side? Yeah, it’s the top 44 ranked Linux distros right now. The random number 44 because my screen won’t show more vertically, but on the DistroWatch website of course the list goes down to 150 or so. So, now you … I’ve tested everything I wanted to test, now you tell me which distros I must test additionally. Want me to finally jump over my own shadow and deal with some KDE/Plasma desktops, want me to have a look at distros with funny names, silly distros, embedded stuff … the list goes on?

I’m up for a challenge. So challenge me!


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