RIP Stan Lee


Just found this while falling for some clickbaity Star Wars video on YouTube. The man himself dieded and is ded now. 😮

Shit happens to the best of us. 😦

Ok, the news hit so recently, not even Stan Lee’s Wikipedia page knows all the details yet.

Lee died at the age of 95 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, on November 12, 2018, after being rushed there in a medical emergency earlier in the day.[157][158]

His death was met with a wave of tributes, including Marvel stars and friends Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and many more.[159]

He came from the future too – now he’s in the past. 😦
A tragedy for the American otaku scene.
This photo was taken after his death. 😦
Stan was the man even in Hollywood
Variety made a nice video
R.I.P. Stanley Martin Lieber * Dec 22 1922 – + Nov 12 2018



  1. I passed him while riding my bike on my way to work one Saturday. He was standing outside of Nickelodeon with another man and they were about to go in. I’d been working on a documentary at work about him at the time, so when I saw him I skidded to a stop on the sidewalk (I try to NEVER ride my bike in the actual street where cars actively attempt to murder you) and said excitedly, “Hi! Sorry to interrupt. I’m captioning a documentary about you at work right now! I just had to stop and say hi.”
    They both looked at me like I was completely insane, but then Stan relaxed a little and was very friendly.
    Hubby and I were very sad to see the news. It was really like losing an old friend.
    But c’est la vie, no?

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    • C’est la mort I guess. :/
      Another good man dead and gone but my mother, the wurstest woman in the world, is still alive (born in 21), going strong and bitching like always. 😮
      But cool that you met him. The only movie guy I’ve ever met, apart from some small time German TV stars, was director Luc Besson. So I could say I appeared in a movie directed by Luc Besson. Ok, I was just driving our old car for a movie car agency but, hey my 15 minutes in the limelight. 🙂

      It was for this spot, in which our car appears for roundabout a split second in the far distance. :/

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  2. Oh my God, that clip was so depressing I gave up trying to find your car. Where was it exactly, like the time code?
    I’ve never even heard of that film. Jesus Christ, that’s the only way those kids can get to where they need to go, by running across a freeway? Wouldn’t it take, like, minimal dollars to build tiny bridges going across? Plus give people work??????

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    • Don’t mind Stacey, it was just a split second, one of a whole gaggle of cars. Maybe you’ve noticed there were a lot of old and quirky mobiles in that spot. That’s what our pimp has to offer to the film industry. Our “new” vehicle Oubaas the old Transit is now in her database too.

      And no, South Africa is a kinda civillized country, no kidz are forced to cross such dangerous roads. The schools around here are all easy to reach with enough traffic lights and traffic pilots n shit. As so often our fair cape was used as a stand-in for really African areas. Where the spot was filmed you usually have one car every 5 minutes or so. And when the kidz ran across the road it was heavy CGI’ed, which means yes, the cars were driving there and the kidz were running across the road … just at totally different times. 😉

      I don’t wanna downplay the tragic statistics but the real life clips we saw in the video I guess were of mostly grown up drugged up homeless guys setting foot on the road without a care. Little bro of our domestic worker was killed by a car when running drunk across a busy junction. I myself had to emergency break more than once not to kill a gaggle of laughing, chatting, fat arsed mommas crossing the road just in the moment we vehiclists got green lights. 😮 They really don’t care one way or the other here, that’s why the life expectancy in South Africa is 48 or so.

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  3. Ah…..gotcha. I figured the camera that was following the kids was part of the film anyway and most of those cars weren’t there, ’cause it would be akin to murder, pretty much, to film a bunch of kids trying to run across a jam-packed freeway like that and not intercede.
    Thanks for the clarification. *shudder* *exhale* What a world. *sigh*

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  4. PS, that was funny (sad) but still funny what you said about your mom above, about Stan Lee being gone but your mom continues on.
    Isn’t that so true for so many people? People who have brought nothing but joy and caring to others and to the world have died young, or at least prematurely, or even like Stan, after a full life, but then the piece of crap alcoholic meth addict illiterate hillbilly neighbor who lives below us, hacking up a lung so loudly and wretchedly every morning, is still alive. Why?
    Maybe the *good* people have accomplished their mission, so they can leave, and the others still have more *work* to do. Much, much, much more work…..

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    • Well, my mom lived a good, productive and busy life. She is, I guess, a good person. Just a terrible selfish bitch, particularly now in her old days, she lies about me … and my sister too. My sis was so pissed off with her, she broke with my parents a couple weeks before her death (cancer) because our mom was “pure evil”.


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