Esteo Usando O Novo Linux Mint 19

Bom diaz, caballeros. 😉

DioLinuxI have no clue if any of this was correct or not, just wanted to let y’all know that GNU/Linux is a global operating system that discriminates nobody, but has most distros translated into various languages. For example most distros are available for all three official Germans, Austrian, Swiss and German German. One distro I know even had a Sorbian translation, which is one almost extinct German acczent, spoken by only a handful people. Also British and American English. No idea tho if they separate Portuguese and Brazilian Brazilian. :/

That’s maybe because all the different forks and spins and new distros are also developed in countries from around the globe. Particularly strong in that regard is Latin/South America.

And don’t we all know and love a certain TrYC Race Directrice from South America, Brazil to be more exact? Yes, Lucy Afarensis, that clever little cookie. =^.^= And don’t we all wonder how come she’s not on some or the other Linux distro already? Language barrier? Nope! Not I don’t think so.

Look, someone even made a review of our all fave distro (from Ireland no less!), Linux Mint, on YouTube, in what sounds like Portuguese. Dunno if Dionatan Simioni is from Portugal or Brazil and even less if his content is good or not. But, hey Lucy, please give it a listen and see if he could inspire you to try Mint out for yourself.


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