Why Use Mac When Linux Exists?

That’s a question YouTuber DistroTube asked all remaing Mac users openly in one of his latest videos. It’s the same question pretty much every Linux user has for those poor schmucks. Because … ugh, see for yerself:

Some very good reasoning there. But it’s not me he’s gotta persuade too switch over to Linux as I’m already there since a couple of years. I guess you guys have noticed, right? 🙂

But really now, and I’m talking to the Macsters among us, you guys had your time in the sun, you were the coolest hipsters for quite a while, the out-of-the-box thinkers and rebels … but what are you now? Even more sheeple-ish cult followers than Windows users.

But hey, if you wanna be part of a cult, in Linux you can become a member of that group as well. 😉


It’s just that with all the freedom and choice in Linux, after a while you probably don’t wanna be just a small cog in the big system, not just one more penguin in the tribe. You wanna go your way alone, still having the community as your safety net.

Ok, Mac users, watch this video, and then come on over to the better Xers. 🙂



  1. So I’m going to make a quick reflection on the video and why most of the point it’s BS or misinformed. I got both a PC (My main station) and a Mac mid-2010 (when I travel) with both Mac Os X and Linux.

    1. Mac is designed to run on overpriced Mac: Sure Mac is designed to run on Mac hardware, but most of Mac hardware are PC hardware too. Nowadays you can install easily a Mac Os X on most of new pc even older. I made a Hackintosh a week back with old hardware (Core 2 Duo E7400, gt 710) and it run fine out of the box. Making an Hackintosh is easy today and not difficult like he said. Mac is 0$ too.

    2. Security: Nothing to say really. Only that yeah mac os x hacker get a higher interest because of the popularity and the fact that owner of Mac can become interesting for hacker. So Linux it’s less targeted. Both Linux and Mac os receive an high amount of update. We can compare the release plan of Mac os on the same of a semi-rolling distro.

    3. Customization: So that’s a good point but why it doesn’t really matter. The difference between Mac Os and most of Linux distro is the feeling out of the box. Linux out of the box is ugly as hell. Most of the DE are ugly and old.(Just see Xfce and Mate without any customization) but not mac os x. When you open for the first time your Mac everything is fresh and fluid. Everything have it’s coherence. Mac os is sexy as f*ck. It’s can be customized too you can see something screenshot of Mac desktop on a good subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/).

    4. You can change to an other operating system on Mac: Sorry for the word but WHAT THE F*CK? Sorry but that pure BS. Explain why Mac have an app preinstalled called bootcamp that help the user to install Windows on the side of their Mac os installation. You can boot on any system on an Mac. Like I said I got an 2010 Macbook and I installed Arch Linux without any trouble. Just press a single key on boot and voila boot on every single system you want. You can even install a boot loader if you want.

    5. Mac and open-source: Yes and no. Yes the core of Mac os isn’t open source but other components are opensource that you can see here: https://developer.apple.com/opensource/

    Sorry for the long text and some frustration on the side but some BS can’t stand in front of me. Their an other point that make Mac os more interesting for people it’s: compatibility. Mac os is universal. You want for only desktop usage, install word or libreoffice, choose any browser you want, install your printer with only some clicks. You want to productivity: use all your favorite Adobe apps or your final cut pro if you like it. The thing is that mac is compatible with a lot of apps that linux isn’t. That’s it.

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    • Oui, you’re right on all points but one: Compability. Linux is compatible with Adobe and/or Microsoft products but those companies refuse to port their products over to Linux. So in fact Adobe and MS aren’t compatible. 🙂

      Oh, one other thing Fred. I can’t delete any files in the File System anymore! 😮 Why?
      Example: I wanted to delete almost all files from the /lib64 in my Singularity folder. But it doesn’t work. 😦


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