No Linux on Thar She Blows!?

Yes, well, no. Indeed apart from my general fangurling about Linux stuffz I haven’t tried and reviewed any new Linux distro lately. How come? Orca, of all people, the woman who claims she could install new distros all day every day, the stupid bimbo who bought not one but two computers for exactly that particular use … and she doesn’t deliver any new reviews?

Mhm, that’s correct. And I’m not even lazy or have lost my lust for Linux. It’s just the consolidation of the Linux scene, as I predicted since quite a while, that makes testing out new distros pretty much boring and futile. Linux as a whole is so super stable and established right now, there are hardly any super surprising newnesses and fukups happening anymore. Let’s face it, we Xers have grown up and went all business, all boring. If you want you can still install your Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber distros and revel in the pinkness, but all in all we have left that stage behind us since quite a while.

Apart from that … look:

It’s all so sober. :/

FreeBSD? Come on, it’s similar in many aspects, maybe even better in some parts, but it’s not Linux. Let’s not go down that specific rabbit hole as long as you haven’t even tried out stock standard Linux.

Caine specialises in Forensics and Incident Response. Huh, sorry what? Sounds like a very specialised version and not made for housewifes, I don’t think.

Oracle Linux? Oracle, really? That shouts ENTERPRISE, needlessly complicated and need-to-pay helpline. We don’t have a need or the patience for that sort of Linux.

ReactOS is another one of those bullshit distros to run Microsoft programs in your Linux distro. People, that might be helpful for a portion of computer users but for me it sounds like treachery, and someone not understanding the principles of Linux and FOSS.

This was just a snippet of the DistroWatch website but I can assure you distros like those you’ll find far too often in the last couple years. Pair that with my theory of cream rising to the top and we end up with a still very multifaceted but ultimately compressed environment of usable Linux distributions. You all have seen and know the Top 100 ranking list on DistroWatch, the first 5, 10, 25 – or if you’re like totally bonkers make it 50 – distros on that list might be worth a try. I’ll guarantee you tho that you’ll find most of them unbearable, not meeting your expectitions or your workflow, and just overall shitty. 😮

And that, in a nutshell, sums it up; this is the reason why you don’t see any distro reviews on Thar She Blows! anymore. Believe me, I scan the DistroWatch site regularly, always on the prowl for interesting new distros and/or new desktops, so when I find something I’ll post about it. But ultimately you’re now alone. Come on, most of you are grown up adults n shit, you know who makes the good reviews on YouTube and you have the cornutopia DistroWatch where you can find everything about any distro and download links and all the good stuff. From there on out you’re still not completely alone, you stilll have Orca’s Thar She Blows! which tells you what to think and how to approach any distribution. 😉

To make it short: Linux’ ecosystem is made up of Base systems, Debian/Ubuntu, SUSE, RHEL, Arch and some others. On top of those families sit the GUIs the Desktops: KDE/Plasma, Gnome, and countless independently developed environments, most of them based on existing desktops tho. Cinnamon (Gnome3) and Mate (Gnome2) are examples for that. Also Budgie, XFCE, LSDE, LXQt and and and …

Once you’ve found a dektop you really like to work on, the base system isn’t that important anymore. You’ll maybe notice your desktop will run smoother in one distro over another. Yes, I know this sounds like – and is – tedious work and full of frustrations. But to make it easy for you, for that reason alone, countless bloggers and YT creators exist. So let’s take as one example the Orca. Not the brightest mind, not the most knowledegeable Linux guruine, but she’s got a good feling for what the real gurus exude plus her own experiences. So when she tells you that if you like the Mate desktop on a ArchLinux base, then Namib GNU/Linux is probably one of the better distros for you, you can believe her. Or if for example you’re in love with that fancy ass Cinnamon desktop you best stick to its home distro, to the people who developed it. And that will lead you straight to Linux Mint. See, it’s easy. Of course you have to test out various distros for yourself. Of course you have to wade through some shit too. But that’s only natural, that’s half the fun on the path of self-realisation and enlightenment. 🙂



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