Another Mini Laptop

But one a little bit too big to fit in your pocket. 😉 How much – or less – sense does the Topjoy Falcon Mini PC make?


We all fondly remember the super cool, and readily available, GPD Pocket, a really tiny space wonder that fits in the front pocket of your oversized jeans. Ya, that thing was really tiny but also a bit weak. A real purpose-built computer when the tiny form factor is more important than raw grunt.

Well, the Topjoy (what a silly name) has a faster processor and is altogether the better computing machine with the same pretty rigid build quality. It also has a bunch of tricks up its sleeve. But a powerhouse computer it is neither. So here we have a machine that’s neither here nor there, a foul compromise. :/ But watch the video and decide for yourself if the little Topjoy would be able to fill your life with joy as well.

Don’t get me wrong but for my untrained eyes both machines look like they’re coming from the same Shenzhen conveyor belt. 🙂

Watch Video | Business | Reading

Anyhoo, the guys at Notebookcheck know exactly what’s what with the Topjoy Falcon. I’m already pissed off about the big fat size of that thing and the 2 in 1 approach with tablet functionality and stylus. If I wanted something like that I’d buy a Lenovo Yoga. But maybe it’s something that can bring top joy into your life?


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