Windows is Better Than Linux – Linux is Full of Bugs

Guys guys guys!!! Hey you guys, you gotta watch this little gem from Category5.TV’s LinuxTechShow. Rarely ever have I seen the moderators more amused …

Stating openly that Windows is better than Linux, after the abyssmal month of October, is really borderline deafblind and soooo obviously coming from a paid Microsoft shill, it’s really hilarious. And even better than the pretty technical boring video is the comment section underneath it. People having fun:


And no fear, this video is only about 7 mins long; you can make it and live through it.

Ya, it’s really hard to keep a straight face when you have to read such hilarious statements. 😉


My favourite comment, and something you poor schmucks back on Windows should slowly get and remember and … and act accordingly and switch operations over to Linux. Fucksake! The time to act is NAO!


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