The Top 5 Linux Distros Right Now

¡Hola Amigos!

Dunno exactly when I presented the Linux Top Hits last, don’t even know if much has changed since then … but this is my blog ffs, so I don’t need to ask anyone for permission to post my really really important and 1000% correct opinion. So here goes:


And hey, we can keep this post nice short and sweet since I cut the list after #5 already. Most everything thereafter doesn’t need to worry you n00bs. 😉 So let’s get into it, ok?

#1 is since quite a while, and I guess rightfully so, the freakish and freakishly easy Manjaro. It’s not really n00b friendly but then not everything in the Linux world is made for beginners, this ranking chart least of it.

On #2 follows the wonderful Mint. Clem and his crew can’t set a foot wrong with this distro which is a favourite for n00bs and oldbies alike. So in many minds the top 2 contenders should swap places.

#3 is completely unexplained and unwarranted and undeservedly the shitty elementary bullcrap. :/

The wonderful MX follows on #4. I guess if they had more than just one, the Xfce, desktop but more flavours to chose from they’d be a hot contender for the #2 spot. The super beloved Debian base should make MX even more nicer than Mint. Being on #4 doesn’t mean it’s worse than Manjaro or Mint, it’s different. In typical youngling Arch manner Manjaro sprinted to the top in a breathless fashion while Mint got there  by delivering quality since years and years, and MX, typically Debian, takes it all in very slow strides. But once it’s there where it is now, it surely gonna hang around for a while.

And on #5, just to make the top 5 complete and to mock it a bit, follows the old and tired Ubuntu. Mark Shuttleworth obviously has different goals for his Canonical company than just releasing a good Linux distro. They are in for the big money or what do I know. As a result the former posterchild of easy to use Linux for human beings is getting worse and worse and loses users left and right.

So can you guess what distro Orca would recommend for newcomers?


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