Look What Joe Got! *EDIT*

Joe Collins, the nice Linux YouTuber gotz himself a new main machine. A Dell somethingoranother, used off of eBay for 300 woolongs. Here, this:


Why and how and all the details he’ll tell you about in the widdioh:

Cool beans, 2 Intel Xeon procis, 8 cores all in all. Peoples, that’s professional level stuff. For 300 very humble woolong. He’s running 4 Linux distros on it, in virtual machines. So I guess something like this Dell is more than capable of running your single one distro of choice. And the case looks like you can put all your old hard drives in, so you don’t have to throw anything away.

I hope you are inspired now! Joe said it as well: It’s fun to use junky machines. 😉

I said it before but honest now, like really honest: You guys are running out already have run out of excuses for still rocking Microsoft shit! It’s time to come on over to the fun side of kompjudn’.


Hi guys again,
see who liked this blog post? First like. And it’s a Like, not a Meh or ignore but a big fat Like! Yeah, it’s Jay. She who once admitted she hardly knows how to switch her computer on … and let’s her hubby do all computer stuff. And I drove her to the brink, to the edge of sanity! She’s obviously inspired to get a new lab rat computer and try Linux on it! Not although she has no clue but BECAUSE of having no clue! That’s the spirit, lady Jay.

\o/ Fuk yeah! \o/


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