Ditch Your Chrome Shit!

Hah, easy said for Orca; she’s never used Chrome, has no smartphone, is not social and hates the cloud. But really, you too should be a bit more careful with the choice of your browser.

Read this explainifying article on It’s FOSS.

And, hey, this has nothing to do with Linux, as Firefox was always my sole browser on Windows as well. From the moment FF took over where Netscape left off, I never used anything different. Uh, well, of course IE for 2 -3 minutes after fresh Windows installations, had to be used to find and download the Firefox. 😉 But it was always my first Windows mod, and it was necessary so I could browse for the other programs I needed: Open/Libre Office, Thunderbird, GIMP, and all the other FOSS stuff one needs on a daily basis. Since years before I finally found Linux I could proudly state my computers were completely Microsoft-free … apart from Windows of course.

So, if you’re not on the Fox already, it’s about time to get a clue, grow a conscience and go FOSS!!!

The editrix uses Firefox exclusively since more than 25 years or so.


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