Whoa! Sssnake… :o

Ok, me sick sitting hunched over my computer, half asleep at the keyboard, mindlessly watching YouTube shit, when suddenly … Høøt! HÖÖt! HØØt! Oubaas’s car alarm goes off. As usual when it’s a bit windy outside and I leave the sunroofs open. Alarm is obviously a bit oversensitized to sudden changes in air pressure inside the cabin. So I grab my car keys and slowly schlepp my ailing carcass to the parking lot. And what do I see there?

Buncha complex workers + the manager standing around, looking at nothing.
Nothing? Aaaaarrgs!!!
Much too close to our fancy van. Don’t bite into our expensive tires you pest! 😉
Ok, snake charmer getting called out and arrives just a couple minutes later and fools around with the monster.
Sssnake looking stupid now, huh? Situation under control. 🙂

Pheeew, lucky us. No reason to write our wills just yet since it turned out this snake wasn’t a feared Cape Cobra but a so-called Mall Snake. Aggro and fast and nasty and bitey … but not poisonous. 🙂 But, oy vey, that was exciting. And of course the battery in the Canon died so I had to take the photos with the old Nikon. 😮



    • Mhm. The snakelady said the same: The Cape Cobra develops this “collar” thing before she bites, this one baby mall snake may look similar but her neck doesn’t change shape.


  1. Always good when they are not venomous.Living in the woods as I do, snakes are usually a given. But, cats kill snakes. Well, cats kill most anything. It has helped that I have my yard in much better condition, fewer places for the reptiles to hide.

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