WARNING: Don’t Buy This Laptop!

walmart999Happy sick morning everybody, particularly my statesides readers! Your editrix is still suffering from the sniffles and is housebound today … cool, more time for blogging. 😉 Anyhoo, I just wanted to send out a quick warning to all my fellow housewifes. Why housewifes? Because we are the easiest victims for Walmart’s kinda scams. See this for example: A gaming laptop with an Nvidia graphics card for 999 Woolong! That’s cheap! So let’s quickly grab one of those during our hectic grocery shopping, right?

No! Wait! Hold your horses and first watch what Dave’s gotta say about this special offer:

So, see, cheap ain’t always priceworthy. Cheap often is just that: Cheap shit! Nasty crappola.

Of course this thing will run Second Life. Maybe rather well. But not as well as could be had you chosen a tiny bit pricier and better quality configuration. And whatever you do, don’t, under no circumstances, give this shit to your kids! They’ll be lowclass outcasts before they can even say “Thanks mom. :(“

Oh, what did I hear you think deep inside your curious brain? The answer is No again! It’s much too much of a needless investment for adventures in Linux land. For no good reason. You don’t need a gaming computer for your first babysteps in a new operating system. We don’t even know if the manufacturer’s BIOS/UEFI allows for anything other than shitty Windows. That 20 woolong Lenovo from the local thriftstore will be a much better solution.

And now everybody say “Thank You auntie Orcsi” and shut up. 🙂 And, ffs, stop supporting exploitative companies like Walmart! And Uber, and …

PS: Fortunately the same Dave, almost a year ago, gave us a nice comprehendium about what gaming lappies we must buy:


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