R.I.P. Maiti Yenni :(

Ok, Maiti’s dead man switch obviously didn’t work. But this just in from Analyse Dean, who received it from someone else:

Didn’t even know she was on FB.

She always tried to do what she thought was right in her little selfish mind? … Oh, not supposed to talk bad about the dead, so let’s just shut up and mourn. 😦



    • “We werent exactly friends”
      Nice understatement, Lu. You were everything Maiti hated: Member/moderator in the old forum, and RD with TrYC not SYC. And everybody loved you. Logically you had no chance in Maiti’s head!!!

      Still sad she’s gone, everything was always big spectacle and drama with Maiti.

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  1. Really sorry to read about it and I wished we’d have found some peace before…
    Life is too short and we should not go on and on in wars & fights.
    It had been often stressful but she left somehow a footprint in SL Saling Community.

    Silber Sands

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    • Yes, you’re right Silber. She indeed left a footprint, although mostly a negative one. A footprint that destroyed the community. :/ Towards the end she became a bit softer and we even communicated like civilized people but she stayed the same force from the dark side right to her very last comments in my blog.
      Anyhoo, RIP Maiti, may you find peace.


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