VR is Flat!

Huh? Yeah, you heard me:

It happens exactly as predicted by SL residents. :/

Thanks to Daniel Voyager for the linkage to the NWN article btw.

Anyhoo, me and many other affected and invested SL residents always had our doubts about the VR hype. Although I do agree that VR is the future and has many exciting uses, at least in virtual world usage and gaming it’s too clunky, cumbersome and impractical. And the needed hardware investment is just too steep for most casual gamers. But even the few people who bought the Octopussies and invested in better komputahs don’t seem to be, like, totally convinced …

many existing Oculus and Vive owners have disconnected their devices to put them on the shelf

Invested, tested, fell flat on their faces, got rid of the shit. Hasn’t your trusted editrix predicted this outcome ever since the Octopus’s invention and latest since Great Leader Ebbe plundered LL’s account to gamble the farm away on that VR hype?


Usually I’m happy when proven right and feeling smug af. But right now all I feel is shame for being so naive to have ever trusted in LL’s ability of rational economical thinking. It’s not long now, not much longer The Lab can survive like this, pumping huge amounts of money and resources into that stillborn child Sansar.

And don’t get me wrong please, I too predict a huge future for VR, in scientific and industrial applications. Not in gaming tho. Not anytime soon. :/

Fun in the arcade, crap at home.


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