The Magic of Narrowboating

A high speed powerboat chase along the Grand Union Canal. Nonsense, it’s pure meditation in – slow – motion. 😉

Dunno if you knew that I’m a kinda fangurl of narrowboats and have subscribbled to many of the specific YT canals. I’d never choose that lifestyle for myself but the canal skippers are a peculiar bunch and that way to live and travel is fun to watch.

WendoverArmIn this particular video  we get to see a stretch of England’s main canal, filmed from the bow, without any commentary or even music. Just the nature and engine sound. It’s really the most relaxing 40 minutes of slow paced canal travel you’ll ever get to observe.

And don’t complain about it’s boring. You know you can end the video anytime you want. But don’t you just wanna know what’s behind the next curve, the next bridge …



    • Oh, I’ve found more of those, longer, more romantic and shit. But the good David (Cruising the Cut) had just posted this one. I like it because it’s in fact all one take, no cuts, no edits. And I know narrowboating isn’t always like this. In some canals and side arms they have a lot of locks to keep one busy, lots of traffic, anglers, kayaks, all those disturbing factors. Particularly on summer weekends.

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