The Easiestest Linux Distro …

… for when you’re just moving over from Windows. The man we’re not supposed to call Lenny made a fun list of 10 distros that supposedly make the switcheroo easypeasy for you. In no particular order his choices contained mostly the usual suspects …

Ya, really no surprise in his list:…

Win-LinuxNot-a-Lenny indeed quasi confirms my theory of Cream Rises to the Top, by sticking with the most famous, most talked about Linuxes in his video. There are no duds in the list, no total bullshit distros. They are all good – very good. It all boils down to personal taste. So unfortunately you’ll have to check them all out, or at least one of each desktop flavour. And of course it also depends on your hardware; not everything wants to install on just any machine. Make sure to erase and format your HDD/SSD before attempting a fresh install. In the end I’m quite sure you’ll find your future OS among the 10 listed distros. Yes, Sammie, you too! xoxxo

Two short comments:

  • There is audio in the vid, No-Lenny just had probs with his mike and the sound is very low and only comes from the right side.
  • “No Fuss” is probably a bit optimistic as well. While he and me are probably able to get any of the 10 candidates running inside of 10 minutes, your milage may vary.


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