“I Wanna But …”

5LightLinux“… my hardware is old and slow. How can I try Linux nevertheless?”

Don’t we know it, the dilemma of having only the old banged up laptop or netbook, that we use as a doorstopper, at our disposal? In the millions of Linux distros, can’t we find one that is really usable on our museum piece hardware?

Short answer, yes, there is! There are  even multiple Linux distros, more or less specialising on being run on old hardware. Many users even see this as Linux’s main reason of existence: Keeping your shitty old computer usable and useful for a couple years longer. However our friend Tom just made a new video in which he tells us about 5 of the best Linux distros for crappy computers (like 4.5 of Orca’s own 5 PCs):

I particularly liked this vid because Tom leaves the well-trampled path of the usually recommended distros. Actually he did so right with his first candidate:

  1. Manjaro XFCE: Whoa, scary! 😮 But haven’t we just seen Spatry recommending the mighty Manjaro as a beginner’s distro a couple days ago? Yes, we did, and I can concure with Spatters and Tom to a degree. If you’re not, like, totally stupid you can use Manjaro as a beginner. Also they use Xfce as their main flavour and so they made it really nice. Well, as nice as possible.
  2. Here comes my personal recommendation: Linux Mint XFCE. All the minty goodness in a lightweight package, what’s not to like? The Minty gang are famous for making shit easy for the user, so I guess this is they way to go.
  3. MX Linux: Debian based, which is niiiice! But then I didn’t like what they did with the desktop.
  4. Linux Lite: The legendary grandaddy of all Linuxy featherweights. A bit too nanny state for my taste, which translates into “very helpful guidance” for the stupid n00b.
  5. Peppermint OS: Tom’s favourite is my least liked. I consider Pepmint a confuzzled bullshit distro, most users love it. :/ Isn’t Linux a funny thing?

One final comment please: Noticed how all five of those distros are using the Xfce desktop environment, to a less or more nicely integrated effect? Now, yes, I know Xfce uses less resources than even my beloved Mate. But my (very personal and anecdotal) experience has taught me that Mate runs as fast as Xfce. At least on my hardware it does. And gives me so much more pleasure and creature comforts than the heavily outdated Xfce user interface. So if you’re not totally starved on system resourses I’d stay away from Xfce and go with Mate or KDE.But don’t trust me blindly on that or else bad things may happen! 😮


That said, of course is Xfce without a doubt very usable and, compared to the many Window Managers (which I never review in this blog), even reallykinda luxurious. 😉

aawAnd let’s not forget Manjaro’s XFCE spin, which isn’t even aiming for piss poor hardware but is Manjaro’s flagship flavour. So when you start your crappy lappy all the peoples around you will go like Aaaah! and OOoooh! and will be afraid respecting your next level geekyness.

In the end it’s on you. Peeple  like Tom and Spatry and many other Tubers and bloggers can give you their two cents of “knowledge” and “expertise” and “wisdom”, but nobody knows how your grandma’s old craptop will run on a certain system. All Orca will tell you is that with Mint you’ll have the bestest chance to sucessfully install and run a Linux system on any hardware. Yes, that. Plus … Mint makes you happy! 🙂

key and peele television GIF
… and Swooosh! you go!!!


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