Is this the Chuck Norris of numbers?

Naaaw, not really but look for yourself …

Daniel knows moar …

A HIGH PEAK of 73! Yupdeedooh!!! 73! High peak! 73 visitors in only 24 hours! If my little house was like Sansar this would’ve been a sensational result, in RL and in SL too, as we’d crashed the sim. Guaranteed! 73 avies is quite a huge number and an enormous amount of sillysexyness.

Sansar has attracted 73 visitors … in a single day!!! The future looks bright. Seems our good old Lab has used all the resources they cannibalized from SL wisely and turned Sansar into a bonafide mass phenomenon, an industry heavyweight virtual world to be reckoned with. 🙂

The lab are gambling on a huge influx of new users with cash to spend to make Sansar more successful in the years ahead.

Which is very likely going to happen with the ever growing middle class and disposable income of populaces throughout the western world, particularly the tent cities in American metropolitan areas. So much leisure. Let’s play Sansar! Mhm. 😉

They surely are following the Star Wars franchise on their path to success.


I have a good feeling about Sansar.



    • From that link: “many existing Oculus and Vive owners have disconnected their devices to put them on the shelf”.
      Hah! I knew this was gonna happen. The whole technology is just too frustrating to use and doesn’t give us enough satisfaction in exchange for dealing with all the cumbersome shit. It’s a bit like NWN itself, which I hardly ever look into anymore since Hamlet lost all significance for Second Life.

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  1. Really? it has already had a couple of years and 73 visitors in one day is all it can muster up, and that is even a record? There are serious problems over there. Serious problems

    I’m not a technical type person but some facts are clearly evident. It takes money to run Sansar, I’m sure someone is going to come asking for a return on their investment. There is always someone to answer to. Maybe Daniel is right and it will pick up in the years ahead but will it even be there? It is clearly a almost complete failure at this point in time. It will take mucho dinero to keep the thing afloat until, or if, people come calling. Maybe in 2019 it can crack 100 a day record. Sheeesh that is amazing. I had no idea there were so few users. Incredible.

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    • “I’m sure someone is going to come asking for a return on their investment.”

      Unfortunately not, hun. AFAIK those investors are we, you and me, the inhabitants of SL, who want in their majority have nothing to do with Sansar.*
      So. just like our great leader Ebbe predicted, when Sansar goes belly up we’re doublefucked … and not in a nice way. 😦

      * Explainification: Sansar is an investment. if you wanna enjoy it fully you need an Octopus (~300 Woolong) and a very nifty strong gaming PC (at the very minimum 1000 Woolong). Unfortunately SL is a female-heavy world, and we kinda treat our komputahs like kitchen appliances. Means we don’t spend money on that shit but are happy since 20 years on our 300 Woolong bargain basement craptops. And we don’t like spending more on that shit since all the Bento noggings are already expensive enuff and, honestly, give us a better experience than playing on a fukn Octopussy.
      So the real target group for Sansar are mainly young boys, hardcore gamers, today here, tomorrow somewhere else, putting all their pocket money into hardware, not into a silly virtual world. It’s too lame for them. They’ll be bored out of their skulls after the first visit … only to never return.


  2. From the 73 visitors. 40 of them I think visited. my game in sansar included the famous Jesse Cox. Hé went insane with his scary game squad and everybody went insane there even one. mentioned am I on drugs? Another one said already to spooky!. A preview of my sansar game on facebook got almost 100K views. I started. December 2016 I started in sansar there were Just 10 experiences, now so many. You can create your own universe If you want with 20 experiences for free. You can even duplicate the platform you are standing on. My max I did was 35 platforms I think, thats walking for ages there! I Love being a Sansarian being in that Fantastic community. A bit like The Borg in Star Trek but in a good way. By the way search sansar we are everywhere on the internet 🙂

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    • “mentioned am I on drugs?”

      Obviously! :/
      Stay away from the drugs, man. It might be better for your comments and make them readable by human beings.


      • It seems that the experience I made was so insane in Sansar someone said Am I on drugs ?
        Make an experience there some day orcaflotta you will find out how Sansar really is.
        Even better visit Retro Rez Rodeo you will have an experience set up in no time 🙂

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        • No, no and no!

          I’m not interested in VR at all. I even hardly log into SL anymore and prefer to spend my days offline, in the real world.
          I’m on Linux, and Sansar don’t cater for the best OS. 😦
          I have better things to do with my money than wasting it on Octopussies.


        • “Make an experience there some day orcaflotta you will find out how Sansar really is.”

          All 73 people worth……….oh wait, that was a record. Maybe 60 log in daily eh.

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