\o/ I’m In! \o/

In world that is. And not at all in a fashion I’d like to be inworld. But with the cumbersome Firestorm viewer. Although in the wannabe V1-ish Phoenix mode it’s not too bad but altogether there is still the riddle why can’t I install my favourite Singularity Viewer from the AUR, and why can’t I delete simple files from my filesystem like an adult and self-determined human being? I need get all those questions sorted out rather soon I guess.

But for now look, I’m hovering between NYC clubhouse and their startline. Should’ve been here like 10 hours earlier or so. :/

Firestorm/Phoenix is kinda retro-engineered SL V1.2.3 … but only kinda.

At least for now I can, until I have my IT carpool sorted out and back under control, do some reporting from inworld SL. And that is kinda very instrumental for this bloggo, that started its life as a SL Sailing blog, and deep in its dark heart still is. Somewhere deep below all the Linux and movies and American bashing stuff, yes, there is the blog of a little sailor girl.




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