No Panic! :o

Mini_Olympic_2018No reason to panic for you, dear readers, while Orca goes crazy with raising amounts of heavy concern. 😦 Due to bad planning even the most simple, basic and easy-peasy to do stuffz reached unsurmountable peaks for your editrix. She really panics now. But you don’t have to. The damage is done already, I missed my own assignment on reporting about the Francois Jacques memorial event @NYC, which happend late last night.

FJ_Race_PosterThe reasons for my fukup are aplenty and kinda very boring for you. It’s all technical shit and, as I said, even if I figure it all out soon-ish, it won’t concern you. Well, not much anyway. Regular spotty blogging shall continue soon, so you’ll at least be kept up-to-date with all the newest developments in and around this shitty bloggo.

Just to recap:

  1. After re-install of Namib GNU-Linux I can’t get inworld SL anymore.
  2. Reason is that I can’t delete some files from the Singularity folder. Says I’m missing root permissions. What a crap, this is my computer, my Linux, the user orca is always sys-admin, always root!!!
  3. User orca should be able to delete the files in question, very easily, and fast. :/ Because formerly mentioned reasons.
  4. So in order to get into world I decided to switch my operations back to Linux Mint 19, a distro that always runs adorably. ALWAYS!
  5. Turns out I don’t have Mint on a bootable USB stick … and no USB creator neither! 😮
  6. Trying it on my other machines as well but to no avail. 😮
  7. Slowly starting to panic! This is all computing on kiddie level, all stuff I did already a thousand times, so with nothing working as it’s supposed to I’m at the ends of my wit.:/ Why won’t the usual USB stick creators install? Makes no sense.  Maybe something is badly wrong with the motherboard … again? But why then doesn’t it work on my other computers neither?
The fabled Etcher download/installation failed already twice in a row. I give up now. 😦

Bullcrap! I can’t give up. Just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, won’t make neither me nor my blogo awesome. I’ve gotta find a way to get in world again, so I can maybe show you where I was supposed to do photos of the racing action last night. :/

Hang on … I might have an idea … more of a foul compromise and grabbing for straws by now but might get me inworld for whatever reasons. :/

Just hang on guys …


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