All is Lost! :o


Your most beloved blog editrix has just destroyed her whole editor’s office and needs some reporters to go on assignment today/tonight at NYC’s Francois Jacques Memorial Races and Party. None of Orca’s still functioning computers can run Second Life in any capacity that would enable her to report about the festivities in a satisfactory manner. MiniMax’s motherboard is mucked up again, and MiniMe and Gaga are running smoking hot when I log in world for longer than 10 minutes. :/

My wrecked home office right now, fltr: MiniMe is old and weak and only good for distro testing and office work, MiniMax just blew his mobo again and developed a whole new set of problems, and little Gaga on the far right serves me right now as blogging machine but is also not good for much else. :/

Please, anybody nice enuff to snap thousands of spectacular photos of the races and the sexy dancers at the party?

Please … pwetty pleeez. 😉




  1. Ownoooo!! What a nightmare and always at the worst possible time huh? I hope you get it fixed soon! Sending lots of luck and positive wishes your way!! I may be able to help depending on the time (I’m in Scotland uk) if you could send me the info, surl and time and what you need. Love loops x

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    • Oh! 😮

      Shit, I forgot that nowadays not all my blogreaders are virtual sailors no more. So I didn’t add any SLurls, thinking that everybody knows the location of Nantucket Yacht Club at the shores of the Blake. I mean Blake’s just a small area anyway, 48 sims in kinda perfect square, and you’ll find real clubhouse buildings only at 2 locations. Hollywood Yacht Club in the North/East corner and NYC on the Northern shoreline. Particularly with NYC’s home sim even called NYC Yacht Club. And didn’t Gemma put SLurl into her notecard? :/

      Anyhoo, thx galore for offering. All the others were too lame-o to move their butts at all. 😦


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