All Is (Almost) Cool Now


In connection with my problem Namib’s one-man-group lead frederic2ec took care of business


And, yeah, the Namib Settings Manager works again! \o/ YAY! \o/ Super duper, merci beaucoup, Frederic.


Unfortunately Kernel 4.19’s not found its way to my best beloved distro yet. :/


But we’ll get there, I’m quite sure. Namib is afterall a bonafide ArchLinux distro and supposed to be leading the way rather than following others. And now that even the comparatively slowpoke Manjaro is on 4.19 already, it’s about time we “Namibians” get it too. Not that it’ll make a difference in day to day business or give me any advantages but the good feeling to still be kinda relevant.

Well … kindasorta …




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