Orca’s Fuked Up!

Proper and thorough!


See this? MiniMax, which I just had reinstalled and am now too stupid to install my Singularityviewer on again. :/ And on the right hand side there’s Gaga’s small screen with a very freshly installed Manjaro (with Xfce flavour). I did it in order to check if I can get Singu installed on that machine … but no! No joy there neither. 😦

Ok, you know, right. Your little editrixeuse has invested a lot of time, patience and brainwork into this … haha, no, it’s simple Linux installs, so not half as bad. Only problem is that I was really planning to spend a serious amount of time inworld SL today but instead wasted the whole with laborious computer maintenance. For no result.

Even with a negative result, since, while preparing a USB stick for booting Manjaro of, in my hectic I managed to delete our movie collection. 😮 Yes, again. 😦 Hubby fell out of love with me and mumbled something about stupid woman and divorce and sumsuch bullshit. :/

By now it’s already 18:57 and I’m kinda tired of all that shit. Know what? I call it quits for today. Tomorrow I’ll honour my own good recommendation and will install Linux Mint 19 on little Gaga, or maybe even on the mighty MiniMax, and will check into SL again. And spend time there! And continue my road trip of Jeogeot.

And maybe I can  even muster the energy to attend the Francois Jacques Memorial Races and Party on Saturday. Let’s see. But hey, you guyz and dollz, don’t be fukn lazy, nobody’s stopping you from joining the festivities yourself, shoot lots of photos (races and ball), maybe write some lines and send the whole shebang to Orca who will publish it all. I’ll make you famous, baby! Sounds good? Ok, here is waiting for your creative output

Thank you. xoxoxo



    • You mean Mint? Ugh come one, they are only half-dark. Clem and his gang openly protested against Canonical and left Ubuntu to start their own thing. And you gotta admit they gave us nice things and super user friendly solutions, and their Mate implementation is nicely done and Cinnamon gives Gnome3 a friendly face. I think Mint is an adorable distro. Not as geeky as Arch but the best of the Ubuntu world.


    • On the left screen, the big one with my blog open, that is Namib GNU/Linux! With Mate and some mild mods by yours truly, Fred. 😉 Freshly installed Manjaro 18 is on the small screen on the right side.


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