Now We Know!

It was a DDoS attack. Fuk, wot??? Come on  now, really. Who thinks SL is so importnat and such a bad entity a DDoS attack is in order? Yeah, I hate them too and wish they would come to their senses … but a DDoS attack??? That’s a bit overdone isn’t it?

But anyhoo, read this:

Thank you April Linden, for the  detailed info.

Inara, as always, knows a bit more …

Looks like a drawing made by a 2 y/o, right?



    • The second figure looks like a bastard of horse and brontosaur, scribbled by a slightly more talented 2 y/o.

      Hmm … idea! 😉 What about making this, these logout figures, an artform?
      Am I onto something here?


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