This is Trubbeling Me :o *UPDATE*

Aloha n00bs, beginnerz and idiotz! 😉

Didn’t I tell you to stick with the big, well-known Linux distros and to never trust the small, obscure one-man-shows? Because reasons and shit? Ya, I did. And wasn’t I boasting about, hey, Orcsi is much too clever and can help herself if she ever gets caught up in any shitty, not-functional Linux? Yeah, that too. And I had a good, a very good reason to ignore my own good council, for my personal Linux, Namib GNU/Linux gives me a fast and very nice Arch-Linux experience with my favourite Mate desktop environment. Better than Manjaro ever managed to do with the same constellation.

Ok, all groovy, all perfectly cool. No problems.

Website is still active and so are the downloads.

Until a couple weeks ago my internet connection started to give me unreasonably long latency. :/ Hmmmm. And then, some days ago, I noticed my Namib Settings Manager refused to open. No tragic, no biggie. Under normal circumstances I almost never need that thing. Only for customization directly after installation, when installing my Nvidia driver, and when a new Kernel becomes available. But concerning it is anyway; why doesn’t the shit work?

I can klik on it … but nuffink happen! 😦

So today I decided to re-install the system. No prob, this ain’t Windows which needs some hours to install. Five minutes for data backup, 10 minutes for reinstall and some more time to make everything beautiful again and get logged into Thunderbird, WordPress and YouTube. Allthewhile the first update runs in the background.

Wasting lots of bandwith on the initial update. :/

Perfect. The latency seems to be gone now. \o/ YAY! \o/ But then … oh fuk, noooo! 😮 The Settings Manager still refuses to open! Today of all days, when Kernel 19 was just released yesterday! 😦 Okay, have a look at Namib’s website, check the forum if someone experiences the same problem and what can be done about it …

Everything okie on my side.

Whaaaaa? What now? On one side I feel almost compelled to switch back to Manjaro, which also came out with a brandnew snapshots, incorporating Kernel 19. Super duper. But then, ok, they’ve never been the Mate heroes and the whole thing is kinda slower than Namib and anyway, Manjaro Mate isn’t a regular flavour but a community spin and will obviously only become available as version 19 in the next few days/weeks. :/

So I’ll wait for answer from Frédéric, who can hopefully help me with my dilemma.

Obviously I’m kinda hesitant to install Singularity SL viewer and the Nvidia driver now. But at least I can blog. 🙂

Hah! On the other and, going with a small small distro also has some obvious advantages. Like your personal distro-maker/caretaker …


So you see I’m not helped as of right nownow but my problem has been recognized and the chief engineer is taking care of it asap. Try that on Mac or Win, I dare you! 😉


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